Adiabatic Cooling

Adiabatic Cooling – Industrial Adiabatic Coolers are key in Cooling fluids to temperatures lower than that of the dry ambient air.

The main advantage of Adiabatic Coolers is their ability to cool fluids to below dry ambient air temperature. In the UK we can experience up to 35°C air temperatures but with Adiabatic Coolers it’s possible to maintain 25°C fluid outlet temperatures for almost all the year.

Our Adiabatic Chiller systems are built utilising the latest technology in the field of Adiabatic spray systems. The spray system is delivered by a variable speed DC pump which pressurises the nozzle at between 4 and 10 bar, dependant on load and ambient, to achieve the correct atomisation of the water. As our nozzles are designed for an industrial piece of equipment they are easily cleanable by unscrewing, brushing and replacement of the nozzle. The stainless steel spray pipe work system does not corrode or oxidise over time but stays operational and aesthetically pleasing. The coil is protected with a hydrophilic coating, as standard, just in case the coils gets wet during normal operation and to protect it from corrosion. The capacities range from 50 to 1500kW.

Industrial Adiabatic Cooling Benefits

The benefits of Adiabatic Coolers include:

  • – Operates as a dry cooler to within 3°C of dry bulb saving water
  • – EC fans as standard
  • – Can achieve fluid temperatures within 5°C of wet bulb.
  • – Industrial UV filtration fitted as standard
  • – All water is drained at the end of each spray session
  • – Water is flushed once every 4 days if spray not used
  • – DC inverter driven pump supplying the correct amount of atomised water
  • – Energy efficiency

Additional Information

Please click on the image below to view our PDF for more information on the Adiabatic chiller range (the PDF will open in another browser window).

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Advantages Of Low Water Consumption

  • Longer life of the dry cooler
  • Lower water consumption
  • Water wasted on floor (reducing fan speed with maximum water flow much water drops on floor)
  • Longer softener life

Optional Extras Available

  • Single or dual pumps on spray system
  • Saline atmosphere/desert capabilities copper/copper electrotinned condenser coils, special paint finish
  • Low and ultra low noise
  • High flow

Adiabatic Cooler Hire

Aqua Cooling also offer a comprehensive Adiabatic Cooler Hire fleet, for those occasions when hire rather than outright purchase is the best solution. Chiller Hire can be the perfect option for clients with a temporary, emergency or seasonal requirement. In addition, we offer long term, or contract lease hire, for clients who have a more permanent need.

All of our Adiabatic Rental units are readily available, competitively priced and easily installed. We also have a range of ancillary equipment to ensure that your rental system does exactly what it needs to. Our dedicated hire sales team are on hand to help you with selection, sizing and technical advice and all of our equipment is backed up by 24/7 aftersales support.

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Adiabatic Cooling
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Adiabatic Cooling from Aqua Cooling Solutions. Industrial Adiabatic Cooling systems - Our adiabatic coolers range from 50kW to 1500kW - Reduce water consumption and improve energy efficiency - Trust the UK Experts in Cooling - Call Aqua Today!