Batch Cooling

What Is The Process?

  1. A volume of mains water is stored at (X) temperature and used when required such as water used in dough mixing
  2. This water is drinking water quality which is called potable water

batch cooling

Why Is Cooling Required?

Mains water can be as high as 20°C. Some applications require main’s water as low as 1°C.

What Must The Cooling System Include?

  1. Mains Water – Must included flow meter, pressure regulating valve and commissioning valve before heat exchanger
  2. Chilled water circuit – Must include a 3 way valve arrangement to keep accurate control
  3. System water – Must included a pump to offer continuous flow
  4. Important points

    1. Water circuit must be food grade (non ferrous/stainless steel) and cleanable
    2. Propylene glycol must be used as food grade

How To Calculate The Cooling

To calculate the duty we need to understand the maximum batch size, number of batches per hour, this will equate to how much water is used per hour for the number of cycles.

To calculate the duty; maximum mains water temperature – required temperature x flow per hour (/) 860 = cooling duty KW

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Before speaking to us, please try and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible, as the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help you with your requirements:

  • What is the maximum ambient temperature?
  • What is the maximum inlet water temperature?
  • What is your required water temperature?
  • What is the maximum request single batch?
  • What is the time of batch dispense?
  • What is the quantity of batches per hour?
  • Is the water doser with pump command present?
  • Does the water in the leg to the batch area return on a return pipe?

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