Blow Moulding - Cooling

What Is The Process?

Explanation of the Blow Moulding process and why cooling is required.

  1. The extruder unit takes the raw plastic material from a hopper and is heated from a solid state to a soft state which is then pushed out of the extruder into the die which creates the outline shape. The parison is the heated plastic material in a long thin tube shape which the mould will then clamp around
  2. Air or gas is blown into the centre of the Parison which forces the molten plastic to the walls of the mould. Chilled water is passed through the mould casing cooling the plastic to solidify it in the shape of the mould
  3. The hydraulic motors open and close the Mould around the parison, when the cooling is complete it opens apart realising the completed final product

Product Example: Plastic Bottles and Containers.

blow molding cooling

blow molding

Cooling Options To Consider: Free Cooling / Ambient Cooling Only.

Blow Mould Cooling Systems

Why is cooling required for the blow mould process?

  1. Mould cooling; there are cooling pass-ways in the mould, cooling water flows around these pass-ways to remove the heat from the product. This transfers the heat into the water
  2. Hydraulic oil cooling; all the robotic parts on the machine are driven by hydraulics. The hydraulic oils heats up when the hydraulic pump runs. The hydraulic oil passes through a heat exchanger to remove the heat from the hydraulic oil, water is passed through the secondary circuit removing the heat from the oil

How To Calculate The Cooling

  • Tool Cooling = Plastic through put kg/hr (X) plastic factor (/) 860 (=) Cooling Duty in KW
  • Hydraulic Cooling = Hydraulic motor size (X) 0.4 (=) Cooling Duty in KW

Call Aqua's Experienced Engineers

Our engineers have many years experience in the plastics industry and are ready to advise you, should you have the requirement for a blow mould cooling system.

Please try and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible before speaking to our engineers, as this information will help us understand your requirements:

  • What is the temperature of the chilled water required?
  • What water pressure do you require at the tools?
  • What is your plastic throughput/hour or shot weight and cycle time?
  • What type of plastic is being used?
  • Do you require any anti-freeze protection?
  • What water pressure do you require at the heat exchanger?
  • What is the hydraulic motor input power?

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