Blown Film Extrusion

What Is The Process?

Explanation of the Blown Film Extrusion process and why cooling is required.

  1. The extruder unit take’s the raw plastic material pellets from a hopper and heats it from a hard solid state to a soft warm almost liquid state
  2. The soft warm plastic is pushed through the die and air is blown inside to make the right shape and size it is then cooled by the same air to the properties required to achieve the final product
  3. The take-off takes the plastic from the process once it has been cooled ready for the splitter/winding unit to be packed

Products Example: Plastic Bags, Shrink Wrap.

blown film extrusion

There are many sources for more information about the Blown Film Extrusion process, such as the BPF website.

Cooling Options To Consider: Free Cooling, Ambient Cooling Only, Inverter Pump

Blown Film Extrusion Cooling

Why is cooling required for the blown film extrusion process?

  1. The Cooling Unit is an air ring which is used to blow the cold air onto the surface of the plastic so that the material keeps its thickness and change the plastic from the soft state to a hardened state. Air is blown a blower through a water to air heat exchanger which is the main requirement for chilled water. There are two area’s IBC (internal bubble cooling) and EBC (external bubble cooling)
  2. If there are vacuum pumps fitted they are very inefficient and therefore will also require cooling

How To Calculate The Cooling

  • Tools = Plastic through put x plastic factor = Cooling Duty in KW
  • Vacuum Pumps = Vacuum motors input power = Cooling Duty in KW

Call Our Experienced Engineers

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Before speaking to Aqua, please try and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible, as the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help you with your requirements:

  • What is the temperature of the chilled water required?
  • What water pressure do you require at the tools?
  • What is your plastic throughput/hour?
  • What type of plastic is being used?
  • What is the vacuum motor input power?
  • What is the in/out differential?
  • What is the system filtration/water treatment/automatic fill on process?

The team at Aqua look forward to speaking to you soon and helping you with your blown film extrusion system cooling requirements!







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