ClimaCheck Testing

Climacheck Testing – Climacheck is an innovative way of analysing the performance and effectiveness of a cooling system. The patented technology gives independent, unbiased results based on live operating data.

ClimaCheck is a unique, unbiased, way of measuring the performance of your refrigeration system whilst it is in operation – it can INCREASE SYSTEM EFFICIENCY BY UP TO 30% AND SAVE £££’S.

According to statistics, only 13% of chiller systems run at their optimum efficiency due to refrigeration over/under charge, incorrect expansion valve setting, condenser head pressure inaccuracy and/or insufficient servicing.

A simple system test using our ClimaCheck performance analysing equipment can:

  • - Increase efficiency by up to 30%
  • - Save money and energy – reduced energy consumption will instantly put money back onto your bottom line plus you stand to save on repair and maintenance costs
  • - Increase system life expectancy - a well maintained system, running efficiently and effectively will have a longer life span
  • - Reduce breakdowns – a ClimaCheck analysis will help identify potential issues which can be addressed before they become a real problem. As a result, down time, loss of production, loss of goodwill and costly breakdown repair costs can be avoided
  • - Reduce environmental impact - it’s estimated that cooling accounts for a fifth of our energy consumption worldwide. Reducing this, by up to a third, could really have an impact on global emissions.

Using the ClimaCheck testing system, our Engineers can visit your facility and give you a full analysis within as little as 30 minutes. By simply connecting sensors they’ll test ten key measuring points which will collect live operating data.

This will give a comprehensive analysis of system performance and function of the component parts. In addition, the ClimaCheck technology identifies any adjustments needed to improve efficiency.

Since it was patented in 1986, the ClimaCheck method has been using worldwide to measure and document product and system performance. Because it’s independent of system input or component suppliers, it is totally unbiased which offers clients real peace of mind – it essentially uses thermo-physical data for the refrigerant and fundamental energy laws.

Pricing for a ClimaCheck analysis starts at as little as £600 on a 100kW system. For more information call our Service team today on 0333 0044433 or email

For more information about the ClimaCheck system, please visit the ClimaCheck website.

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Contact Aqua to enquire about our essential ClimaCheck Testing service and increase the life-span and efficiency of your cooling technology today!

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Climacheck Testing
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ClimaCheck chiller performance testing - Aqua Cooling. Save money and energy, increase chiller life expectancy and efficiency by up to 30%.