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Cooling Towers

Aqua offer a range of industrial evaporative cooling towers, either fully factory assembled or field-erected.

Wide Range Of Cooling Towers

Aqua Cooling Solutions are proud to be a supplier of a wide range of open and closed design cooling towers

We offer all main variants of tower, including cross flow, forced draft and induced draft. Options include galvanised steel, stainless steel 304 or 316, GRP and low silhouette.

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NC Cooling Towers

Introduced to the market in 1968, the NC has become synonymous with high efficiency and low maintenance. With 90+ years of engineering excellence behind it, this model gives the highest cooling capacities and broadest range of configurations that are available for package towers. The NC has been utilised in thousands of worldwide installations and is available both fully factory assembled or field-erected.

CTI Certified. Capacities from 80 to 1,175 m³/hr per cell.

The model offers maximum cooling with minimum power use and the extensive range of configurations available gives full selection flexibility and value when looking at cost and life cycle cost options.

The NC also benefits from G235 heavy mill construction with Series 300 stainless as an available upgrade to the tower structure.

When compared to other manufacturers’ towers the NC has a numerous benefits:

  • 1455 tons and 303.8 GPM/HPR – offering highest ASHRAE 90.1 performance available and tonnage per cell – giving highest single cell cooling capacity
  • Only package tower with independently validated sound data – with the NC sound levels are independently verified. All NC towers are designed to be quiet and Ultra Quiet Fan option plus Sound Attenuation components make suitable for the most extreme sound level requirements.
  • Lowest drift rates – less water escapes = cleaner surroundings. Due to innovative, patent-pending technology
  • Enhanced vibration protection – new generation switches give smoother start up
  • Optional inlet covers to minimise algae growth and reduce maintenance needed

FM approval option on all models, ASHRAE 90.1 and OSHA compliant - 5 year mechanical warranty

MCW (Forced Draft Cooling Tower)

The MCW model is a steel, forced draft, counter flow cooling tower and is ideal for applications where sound and space are a concern. The MCW is available as field erected or factory assembled.

The MCW is CTI & Eurovent Certified. Capacities from 115 to 400 m³/hr per cell.

The MCW is constructed as standard from G235 heavy mill galvanised steel (or G600 in Europe/Z600 in China), ensuring its product longevity. In addition, S300 series stainless steel is available as an optional upgrade to either the entire structure of the cooling tower or part structure. Both versions give high performance whatever the operating situation.

Unlike many other forced draft cooling towers, the MCW has large access doors which give easy entry and exit. The motors and fans are equally as accessible which aids maintenance.

The towers utilise centrifugal fans, along with a fully contained water splash zone, to minimise sound levels, making the MCW one of the quietest tower configurations available within the market place. If noise levels are even more of an issue, air inlet or outlet attenuation will give you the ultimate resolution.

The MCW’s forced draft, counter flow design means it has a much smaller footprint (with knockdown option), therefore ideal if space is at a premium. When coupled with its low noise and inlet/outlet ducting benefits, this cooling tower model is also indoor friendly.

Other Features:

  • Belt-driven air movement system, using wedge-belts sized for 150% of nominal power
  • Power consumption kept to a minimum through low air resistance
  • PVC lateral subsidiary pipes included in the water distribution system, as are low clog polypropylene nozzles

OSHA compliant. Easy removal of fill - 5 year mechanical warranty

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The Aquatower

The Aquatower hit the market place in 1947 as one of the very first ever factory assembled to be designed and manufactured. Since its launch, the Aquatower has benefited even further from 8 major redesigns and it has also had a number of minor improvements to make it what it is today. As proof of the design’s longevity, it’s estimated that the Aquatower has been involved in more than 50,000 installations!

The Aquatower is CTI certfied. Capacities from 7 to 105 m³/hr per cell.

The compact size of this cooling tower design means no spray systems are hidden and there are no tiny nozzles or enclosed basins. The tower’s is open to view so all main components are viewable and easily accessible which makes maintenance very straightforward. In addition, the V-belts can be replaced & aligned externally and debris can be removed from the upper basin and nozzles during operation.

The design has also been very responsive to customers’ requirements over time. For example, PVC film-fill allows the tower to reject increased heat per unit size. In addition, air inlet louvers & drift eliminators are integral to the fill sheets. The benefit of these design modifications is improved airflow, saving fan horsepower. Any issue re: base metal corrosion has been tackled by incorporating heavy mill galvanizing on the steel components. Stainless steel and fiberglass models are also available to enhance corrosion resistance even further.

The components within the tower are chosen and designed to make up an integrated system. So, for example, drift eliminators must be effective at the air velocities where fill is most efficient – so both components within the tower are specially engineered to work together efficiently. Equally, a fill’s heat transfer capacity is affected by the nozzle spray pattern and pressure drop through drift eliminators. Both of these are carefully considered within the thermal analysis.

A solid stock of Aquatower cooling towers is readily available so prompt delivery should be possible in most instances. Each unit comes with a full one-year warranty, this warranty also includes thermal performance and all components of the tower. This total system approach results in the best overall performance possible with minimal maintenance.

The Aquatower complies with ASHRAE 90.1 and OSHA

Manufactured in G235 galvanized steel

Either stainless steel or fiberglass Integral louvers are available as standard (these are designed for zero water splashout and superior winter operation).

MD Cooling Tower

The MD is a perfect choice if you’re looking for all the benefits of a counterflow cooling tower but working to space and/or weight restrictions. With the MD, decades of experience from producing numerous counterflow towers for large installations has been condensed into a packaged tower, with reduced sized footprint, which is ideal for HVAC and lighter industrial duties. Factory assembled or field erected versions are available.

The MD is CTI & Eurovent certified. Capacities from 75 to 620 m³/hr per cell.

A counterflow tower is ideal if you’re restricted and/or limited on space. As well as being smaller and offering alternative layouts, the installed weight can be reduced too. There’s also potential savings on pipework costs with a single inlet usually being the norm, as standard. With our counterflow towers you also benefit from their innovative triple-pass inlet louver – this conserves water (splash-out protection) as well as improving winter operation.

marley md

Ease of maintenance - access to all sides of the collection basin is easy with a counterflow. The MD has larger access doors, a block fill which is easily removed and a number of other features to make maintenance as straightforward as possible.

Energy saving – the induced draft counterflow provides a lower requirement for fan energy than a centrifugal fan based counterflow model. Low noise – a low sound fan is standard which works effectively for most noise-sensitive situations. However, if requirements are particularly stringent then multiple fan and attenuation options could be considered.

Additional benefits - the MD cooling tower incorporates a corrosion resistant spray system and has a totally enclosed wet surface which gives protection from environmental elements. Potential algae growth is reduced as triple-pass inlet louvers minimise the amount of sunshine that enters the collection basin.

Manufactured as standard in G235 galvanized steel is standard – 300 series stainless steel is an optional upgrade to part of, or the entire, structure

Triple-pass inlet louvers, combined with drift eliminators conserve water and improve the tower’s operation during winter months

ASHRAE 90.1 and OSHA compliant - 5 year mechanical warranty

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