Counterflow Cooling Towers

Counterflow Cooling Towers – With a Counterflow Cooling Tower, the warm process water is sprayed under pressure onto the fill media.

Counterflow Functionality

Because of the way the water enters the counterflow cooling towers, it isn’t possible to use the flow of gravity. The air is pushed upwards vertically, so it is “counter” to the water flow which is flowing vertically down. The pipes and nozzles within the distribution system must be carefully positioned to ensure airflow goes unrestricted. The air and water flows are effectively opposite to each other – hence the name of the design.

The air enters the counterflow cooling tower underneath the fill media and is taken up in a vertical fashion, it is pushed or sucked by the fan at the top of the tower. The process water sprayed from near the top of the tower flows downwards into the fill, but opposite to the air flow. The cooled water collects in a basin at the bottom of the tower, as with a crossflow design tower and the air is discharged from the top of the tower. Similarly, it’s the interaction of the water and air flow that causes evaporation and achieve the cooling effect needed.

The need for the spray system makes the design’s heat transfer properties more effective because the water is broken up within the spray. Equally, the distribution system makes the counterflow towers less likely to freeze in low ambient. That said, when compared to crossflow towers, the counterflow is noisier due to the water flow and the spraying effect plus there are associated costs with operating the required pumps. Maintenance can also be more complicated than with a crossflow variant.

Other benefits of the counterflow design include smaller footprints, so more suitable if space is limited, these designs also tend to be shorter so more compact overall. Overall performance is helped by the fact that the driest air meets the coldest water.

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Counterflow Cooling Towers
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Counterflow Cooling Towers - With a Counterflow Cooling Tower, the warm process water is sprayed under pressure onto the fill media - Call for more information about Aqua's range of Counterflow Cooling Towers.