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Crossflow Cooling Towers

Crossflow Cooling Towers – When people refer to a crossflow cooling tower, the “crossflow” part of the name is essentially relating to the relationship of the air and water flow within the tower.

Crossflow Cooling Tower Design

The cooling tower brings the flow of the water and air into direct contact with each other to reduce the temperature of the water. During the process a small amount of water is evaporated which brings the overall temperature of the water down.

With a crossflow design tower, the water and the air effectively cross each other, hence the name “crossflow”. As the diagram below illustrates, the air flows horizontally and the water drops through the tower’s flow media vertically, so the water flow is perpendicular to the air flow.

The air comes in on one or more of the vertical faces and the water flow happens via natural gravity.

The return water enters a top basin where nozzles allow the water to fall onto the fill pack under gravity. This gives the advantage of variable flow which isn’t found in pressurised spray systems.

The flow of the water is reduced to achieve the highest possible level of air to water contact. Whilst the water is flowing through the tower it is exposed to air which is pulled or sucked through by a fan. The cooled water is collected in a basin at the bottom – normally referred to as a collection or cold-water basin. From here the water can then be taken back into the process, at the required temperature and the air leaves the cooling tower at the top.

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Benefits To The Crossflow Design

The crossflow design offers several benefits, including ease of maintenance, absence of water noise and lower operating costs. That said, when compared to counterflow, the footprint of the tower tends to be larger which can be prohibitive is space is at a premium and there is an increased risk of freezing in cold ambient. Each design of cooling tower has its respective benefits and limitations but the tower type you’ll need is very much determined by your specific requirement and process.

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