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GRP Cooling Towers

GRP Cooling Towers – Aqua Cooling offer a range of Cooling Towers manufactured from glass reinforced plastic, often referred to as GRP. The range includes both induced draft and forced draft design towers.

What Is A GRP Cooling Tower?

GRP is a fibre reinforced polymer which is produced using tiny glass fibres and has become a modern-day alternative to more traditional materials such as aluminum and steel. Another name for GRP is glass fibre reinforced plastic, or GFRP. As a base material, GRP has several properties which go a long way in explaining its rise to popularity within cooling tower design and manufacture over recent years. GRP is corrosion resistant, so there is zero risk of it being affected by the aggressive chemicals found in cooling tower water treatment. In addition, GRP is a lightweight material, whilst also being strong. It’s also easy to mould from a design point of view into different shapes and designs. The uniqueness of GRP is that all these properties are found within a single material.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of GRP is such a key feature, giving extended operating life and enabling us to give a lifetime guarantee for structural integrity. The GRP range offers a high quality, reliable and robust cooling tower solution – all at a competitive price point. These towers are also low maintenance which gives potential for further cost savings. It’s also a great option for marine applications and projects within coastal locations.

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Aqua’s range of GRP cooling towers can be supplied in either single or multi-cell design and their size and thermal performance is unlimited. This enables our GRP profile tower to be produced to a completely bespoke requirement. In addition, if you’re working to stringent noise restrictions, then we can fit silencers and centrifugal fans to these towers to produce a low noise variant.

Free Technical Advice

If you’re interested in a GRP cooling tower, or have a general cooling tower requirement, our engineers are always on hand to give you free technical advice and help with product selection. At Aqua we have years of experience specifying the full range of cooling towers, whether crossflow, counterflow, forced draft or induced draft. Whatever your design criteria and operating conditions, we’ll ensure you’re offered the very best solution for your specific application or process.

Call Aqua’s experienced engineers today to talk about your Cooling Tower requirements and how Aqua can help! Trust the UK Experts in Cooling!

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