Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

What Is The Process?

Explanation of the electrical discharge machining process and why cooling is required.

  1. A high amperage is passed through the electrode to the work piece, the small gap is maintained causing the current to bridge the gap. The result is a spark, which burns away the work piece taking up the form of the electrode. The work peace is immersed in to a tank of ionised water.

electrical discharge

Why Is Cooling Required?

  • A series of very high pressure pumps passes heat into the dielectric

What Must The Cooling System Include?

It is important to understand if the system for cooling is indirect or direct. If it is indirect it will be around a heat exchanger and a standard chiller will be suitable. If it is direct from the tank it will require a chiller with no tank and non-ferrous circuit.

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Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) cooling, from Aqua Cooling Solutions. How the EDM process works and why cooling is required?