Food And Beverage Cooling

Aqua Cooling has supplied and installed Cooling solutions to the majority of market leaders in the food and beverage sector providing effective Cooling systems for a wide range of processes including:

  • - Scrape surface heat exchanger cooling
  • - Vessel cooling and temperature control
  • - Pasteuriser cooling for milk, ice cream and juice
  • - Vegetable and salad washing and cooling systems
  • - Bakery and potable water chiller cooling systems
  • - Brewing vessel cooling
  • - Distillery and cold filtering
  • - Biscuit and confectionery manufacture
  • - Wine cooling
  • - Cook chill systems

Wide Range Of Industrial Chillers

Aqua’s range of Industrial Cooling systems have cooling capacities ranging from 1kW to 4.2MW, all with energy efficiency at their core. Our range of Water Chillers, Free Cooling systems, multiple scroll chillers and Turbocor Chillers off the best possible solution for your application.

We are also available to offer a complete range of Cooling Towers, Adiabatic Coolers and Hybrid Coolers to ensure that your system is the most efficient at all times.

cooling towers

turbocor chillers

Knowledge And Advice

All our sales engineers are trained specifically to ensure that the best possible system in both energy conservation and robust design to ensure that you receive all the help and knowledge that you need to make an informed choice.

Our knowledge of food processing systems set us apart from our competitors and we guarantee that you will receive the best possible engineering knowledge and solution.

If you have an existing system that you are unsure about its efficiency or would like advice of future growth plans call us today for your free consultation.

Not sure which Cooling Solution will fit your requirements? Contact Aqua's experienced Engineers today to enquire about our range of Food and Beverage Cooling solutions!

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Food & Beverage Cooling
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Food & Beverage Cooling
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Food & Beverage cooling solutions from Aqua Cooling. From Vessel cooling and temperature control to chiller cooling systems, call us today!