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Free Cooling – we offer Free Cooling either integrated and factory fitted, or as a bolt-on option that can be retro-fitted to existing industrial equipment - the technology gives incredible energy and cost savings across the board.

Aqua’s desire to sell and improve existing industrial cooling systems goes hand in hand with our Free Cooling technology. Whether it’s a separate bolt on Free Cooler or our range of energy saving industrial Free Cooling Chillers, both reduce electrical power usage by utilising lower ambient air temperatures to cool the return water whenever possible, with as little as a couple of kw’s in the winter months.

Free Cooling Chillers work by the unit sensing both the return fluids temperature and ambient air temperature. When the ambient falls below that of the return water temperature a modulating valve, or other system, activates to pass the fluid through a coil that exchanges the heat in the fluid to the ambient air, by just the mechanical effect required to drive the fans to pull the air through the coil. Therefore reducing the load either partially, or totally, if the ambient air is low enough, and reducing the power required to drive the refrigeration system.

What are the other advantages of Free Cooling? Well if we can reduce the running time of your refrigeration system by 50% then we can make your refrigeration systems last twice as long. Also there is always an element of back up, if your chiller should ever partially or totally fail the Free Cooler will continue to operate.

Free Cooling Chillers vs Bolt-On Free Coolers

We offer Industrial Free Cooling in two formats – either integrated into a chiller unit or as a ‘bolt-on’ option. With the former, the option is factory fitted and all components are integrally mounted within the chiller unit. Alternatively, a bolt-on Free Cooler enables the system to be retro-fitted to any existing chiller unit/system (whether it be air or water cooled). Once a unit/system is upgraded by a bolt-on Free Cooler it will achieve all the associated advantages and is an excellent option for clients wishing to reap the benefits without investing in any replacement equipment.

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Thermosyphoning Free Cooling

Our Turbocor range of Industrial Chillers have a highly sophisticated thermodynamic cycle system that, if Glycol is not acceptable within the Cooling system, can be done on plain water but eliminates the freezing issues as the refrigerant is cooled by ambient air not the fluid.

This technologically advanced solution will beat all but most separate bolt on Free Coolers where Glycol cannot be accepted in the process. It requires no extra Heat Exchangers/Pumps to separate the Glycol from the chilled water system. To summarise these:

  • Lower investment
  • No separate dry cooler system
  • No additional water pipes and pumps needed
  • Smaller footprint
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Environment-friendly
  • No loss of efficiency by heat transfer (heat exchanger glycol/water)
  • No additional pumps
  • Lower sound pressure

Energy Saving Systems

  • Multi scroll chillers 27-1087kW - ENRF/SBSF
  • Inverter driven chillers 249-1334 kW - ITF
  • Turbocor chillers, 249-2700 kW - AC

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Free Cooling Hire

Aqua also offer a range of Free Cooling Hire solutions - for when Hire, rather than outright purchase is the best solution for your business. Hire can be the perfect option for clients with a temporary, emergency or a seasonal requirement. In addition Aqua also offer short to long-term, or contract lease Hire, for clients who have a more permanent requirement.

All of our Free Cooler Rental systems are readily available, competitively priced and easy to install. Aqua also has a range of ancillary equipment to ensure that your rental system performs exactly as it needs to. Our dedicated Hire sales team are on hand to help you with selection, sizing and technical advice and all of our equipment is backed up by 24/7 aftersales support.

For more information, call our experienced engineers to enquire about how Aqua Cooling can help with your Industrial Free Cooling Chiller system requirements!

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