Heat Recovery

With the strive for greater energy efficiency the need to reclaim waste heat through heat recovery is now an important part of any installation where it is feasible to do so.

Heat recovery can come in many forms, from using the waste heat from refrigeration chiller units, heat reclaim from heated fluid or gas flows or renewable energy recovery from ground source or air source heat pumps.

Our range of products allow all types of waste heat reuse, for heating or production purposes. Our ability to manufacture to order or the fact that we can do and end-to-end system or one-stop-shop for the entire system we make it easier for you to meet your carbon reduction commitments.

SBS.540 With Total Heat Recovery In Parallel

heat recovery

SBS.540 With 3 Circuits And 1 Desuperheater For Each Circuits (Partial Heat Recovery)

heat recovery

SBS.540 With 2 Circuits And Single Desuperheater With Double Circuit

heat recovery

industrial heat recovery

Aqua's Heat Recovery Systems

All of our engineers are highly trained on how to recover and reuse and will be best to advise you on the potential and the costs and ROI of the required system.

We currently have renewable systems working on chocolate manufacturing plants, Dairy’s and egg production as well as standard space heating from manufacturing plants.

We also try to make our cooling systems with as smaller carbon foot print as possible. Our Data Centre Cooling products are ideally suited to use the waste heat recovery for heating of offices and water within the office complex is a prime example of how our energy efficient systems can be made greener.

Our range of standard ground or air source heat pumps are offered with either EVI or DC brush-less compressor technology and can be supplied with a floating frame to isolate noise and vibration emission from the units. With output temperatures now as high as 65oC from our units even the highest grade heat can be provided.

Call our experienced engineers today to see how Aqua Cooling can help with heat recovery, carbon reduction or help how your energy renewable requirements can be met.

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Industrial Heat Recovery
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Industrial Heat Recovery
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