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Chiller Hire – a comprehensive fleet of rental equipment and a dedicated Hire team ensures we can provide an emergency or temporary Hire solution to get you up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption.

Range Of Chiller Hire Solutions

Aqua Cooling Solutions offer a range of Industrial Chiller Hire units and Cooling Rental solutions, from 3-500kW, with or without pumps and tanks complete with hoses, water tanks, heat exchangers and pumping system to make your breakdown or planned Rental as easy as possible with the minimum of fuss.

Rather than making significant capital investment in Industrial Chiller units, many companies prefer to Hire them instead. Hiring units is also a useful option for emergency cover should your own chiller units ever fail, or need to be repaired.

With a minimum Hire period of just one week and from next-day delivery, equipment Hire can be an extremely convenient and cost effective option for clients needing a temporary or emergency cooling solution, for example in the event of:

  • Production problems and/or equipment failure
  • Short production runs
  • Plant renovation/refurbishment
  • Product/equipment testing
  • Load evaluation

Chiller Hire/Fluid Temperature Rental Services

Our Chiller Hire range has the full support of a national network of engineers, who will ensure that your equipment is correctly and promptly installed. Hire units can start at as little as £100 per week!

Our equipment can be hired for either short-term or long-term, depending on your requirements. Some of our clients prefer a long-term Hire solution, rather than full purchase due to the flexibility of our Hire solutions.

For those clients looking for a more permanent solution, but without heavy capital outlay, we also offer Contract Lease Hire. This is available on all the products within our current range, on either a 1, 3 or 5 year term. This allows cooling systems to be placed within an Opex rather than Capex budget and kept completely off the balance sheet.

Aqua Cooling also keep a range of Chiller Hire units and equipment in stock, available for immediate delivery from our main UK depot. Some of these units will be ex-demo, usually in excellent condition, but the fact that they have been pre-used is reflected within the price.

Why Hire Chiller Units?

Hiring chiller units from Aqua Cooling offers a number of significant benefits over buying your own:

  • Reduced capital spend – Purchasing a chiller unit can involve significant outlay upfront, with every unit purchased becoming another asset that depreciates over time. Renting chiller units allows you to move from capital spend, to operational spend, keeping the units off your balance sheet and improving your tax efficiency
  • Fixed operating costs – The chiller hire agreement is inclusive of maintenance and support and you benefit from regular, fixed payments. This helps with budgeting and negates the need to have a contingency for repairs or secondary maintenance agreements
  • Complete flexibility – Where your business is occupying a property temporarily or operating short or perhaps test productions runs, chiller rental provides you with the cooling you need for as long as you need it. And when it’s time to move on, or change production, the chiller goes back to Aqua Cooling
  • Increase or decrease provisions as you require – With a broad range of chiller units available, you can add or reduce capacity whenever you require. With rental durations starting at just one week, scaling provisions is also more cost-effective than maintaining standby units
  • Cost-effective back-up provisions – For mission-critical applications, redundant units are essential for providing fail-over cooling. Rather than purchasing chillers – doubling deployment costs – you can reduce the outlay by using hired backup units

Chiller Hire Options

Aqua Cooling offer a range of Industrial Chiller Hire units, with capacities from 1kW up to multiple Megawatt projects. With options for pumping systems, hoses, water tanks and Heat Exchangers, we can build and deploy a solution that is tailored to your specific needs and application.

Our focus on convenience extends to the Hire agreements themselves too. From one week, to one year! there’s a plan to match your operational needs. We also offer contract lease Hire agreements, with 1, 3 or 5 year terms depending on your requirements.

UK-Wide Distribution Network

We keep a range of chiller units and equipment in our main UK depot, ready for immediate dispatch. This effectively means they can be delivered to your site next business day – perfect for temporary or emergency cooling requirements.

Our extensive inventory of Rental Chillers is backed by a nationwide network of engineers. We can ensure equipment is installed correctly, and that you are up-and-running as quickly as possible and we’re always nearby if you do run into problems, or the chillers require servicing.

Flexible provisions, keen pricing, and a UK network of support engineers – our Chiller Hire service has everything covered!

Contact Aqua today to talk to our engineers about our Industrial Chiller Hire options and how Aqua can help, visit our dedicated Cooling Hire website, or call our sales team for a Free, No Obligation evaluation.

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Chiller Hire from Aqua Cooling UK. Wide range of Industrial Chillers for Hire from 10kW-750kW - Fast Nationwide Rental distribution, we can provide an emergency or temporary Hire solution to get you up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption - Call Our Engineers For Help With Product Selection.