HVAC Systems

HVAC systems – sometimes known as “climate control” – are used to help regulate environmental temperature inside buildings. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – HVAC – systems are typically deployed throughout buildings to provide a comfortable, consistent temperature for indoor spaces.

These integrated systems allow for greater control of internal environments and the opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce running costs.


HVAC systems typically include some provisions for heating buildings, helping to raise temperatures to a more comfortable level during the winter. Usually this is done through the use of a central heating system that relies on a boiler, furnace or heat pump to generate heat. A heat exchanger is then used to transfer that heat from the furnace to the water or air that is used for warming buildings.

The HVAC system then distributes that heat throughout the building. A traditional central heating system often relies on pumping heated water through pipes across the site; the heat is then released into the environment using radiators or underfloor pipes, raising internal room temperatures.

Alternatively, a building may be heated by drawing heated air away from the central source and distributing it throughout a building using a series of air ducts. The central HVAC console is used to monitor and regulate temperatures, distributing more or less heat to specific ‘zones’ to keep temperatures within pre-defined acceptable limits.

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To maintain a pleasant working environment, it is important to circulate ‘fresh’ air from outside the building. The ventilation component of an HVAC system is designed to regulate air intake from outside the building to improve the overall quality and even oxygen content of the air inside.

For “clean room” type environments, the choice of ventilation system is crucial. Filtration systems will help to eliminate particulates, fumes and moisture that could contaminate a controlled environment.

In most cases, the ventilation aspect of an HVAC installation will use ‘forced’ or ‘mechanical’ systems to draw air in from outside the building and push it out through the air conditioning ducts. An air handler is used to control the quality of air inside, pulling in fresh air when required, and expelling stale air via a ventilation exhaust unit, typically mounted on the roof of the building.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is typically thought of in terms of cooling, because chiller units are employed to lower the temperature of the monitored environment. Air conditioning is deployed to make ambient working conditions more pleasant, or for specific cooling applications – such as computer data centres.

Air conditioning systems also play a crucial role in moderating humidity within the building. Again, humidity control can be used to create a more amenable workspace, or to protect delicate equipment from exposure to airborne-moisture.

When deploying HVAC systems, Aqua Cooling employ a range of chiller units to create whole-site solutions tailored to your needs. From 1kW to 2600kW, there is a powerful, efficient chiller configuration for your needs.


More information about how to increase the efficiency of your HVAC systems, such as using Free Cooling, can be found on the Carbon Trusts website

Reducing The Cost Of Climate Control

Your business can expect to realise significant cost savings from the extended Aqua Cooling range that includes turbocor/inveter driven compressor systems renewable natural source cooling, cooling towers, free cooling and 100% heat recovery. Our Queens Award-winning cooling units deliver improved efficiency and help you manage fluctuating power demands throughout the year.

We even offer a bespoke chiller design and build service, allowing you to realise even greater savings by deploying an HVAC cooling system that is tailored exactly to the confines and requirements of your buildings.

Call Aqua Cooling today to discuss how our award-winning products can help you improve climate control and cut costs at the same time!







HVAC Systems
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HVAC systems from Aqua Cooling. Sometimes known as “climate control" HVAC systems are used to help regulate environmental temperature inside buildings.