Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling

Hybrid Adiabatic Coolers – our unique hybrid adiabatic cooler gives an alternative to traditional cooling tower technology and offers a range of energy and cost benefits.

Aqua's range of Hybrid Adiabatic cooling solutions provide an logical alternative to cooling towers and a more scientific approach to adiabatic coolers. As our Hybrid systems operate outside the LCOP L8 document there is no requirement for local authority registration and, due to the mode of operation, the system requires no ongoing expensive chemical treatment regime and water testing. However, due to its innovative design, the water that is not evaporated is recycled through a UV filtration system to allow it to be reused.

There is no water sprayed into the air at any point therefore excess pool of mains water around the unit or on the roof is eliminated plus the cooling coil stays dry at all times therefore it is not affected by scale or any corrosion issues due to chemicals mixing with the adiabatic water and corroding the coil fins.

The water tanks are independent for each side of the liquid cooler and have a connection for draining for each side. Tanks are designed to allow water draining by gravity flowing without stagnation inside the tank. Discharge points may be connected together and sent to connecting system of waste water back to the spray system.

The Hybrid adiabatic cooling panels are made of plastic material with honeycomb structure to increase the efficiency of air contact. Panels are coated with dacron fibre to provide a surface porosity to hold the water on the surface of the panel.

This panel with plastic materials features a longer life compared to resin coated paper adiabatic panels, and can be cleaned and reused, although these are more expensive they are a better option.

The panels have pressure drops that reduce the air flow. In winter operation, when adiabatic system is not needed, it may be suggested to remove the panel.

hybrid adiabatic cooling

Additional Information

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hybrid adiabatic

hybrid adiabatic coolers

By removing the panels the pressure drops on coil will be lower, and therefore the power input of fans will be reduced. The hybrid adiabatic cooler units can achieve fluid temperatures within 4°C of wet bulb but operate dry up to 3°C from dry bulb. The range of capacities from 50 to 1200kW.

EC fans are fitted as standard and allows each of the fans speeds to be controlled dirtectly by a 0-10V signal.

When set temperature is reached, the control gives a signal to open the water inlet valve to the adiabatic system.

Why Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling?

Compared to adiabatic systems by spraying of the water the PAD system have longer life and higher reliability. The main advantages comes from the fact that the water does not have contact with the coil fins (or in irrelevant amount) and therefore all corrosion and fouling caused by scale are avoided.

Moreover, it is not needed to soften the water because PAD systems can work with water hardness up to 25°f.

The efficiency of PAD systems are not affected by the wind, on the contrary, systems by spray are affected by the wind, because wind blows away the sprayed water.

The water in excess, flows to the drain tanks and from tanks and reused whereas adiabatic spray systems the water drops to the floor and creates puddles therefore it is a cleaner safer installation.

PAD system does not need high pressurized water and can be connected to the water supply network, because it can works efficiently with 2,0 / 2,5 BAR.

Aqua are also able to provide industrial Adiabatic Cooling systems, if you have a requirement for an alternative to a Hybrid - Enquire about our Free Quotation and call our experienced engineers today! Trust the UK Experts in Cooling!







Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling
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