Induction Welding

What Is The Process?

Explanation of the Induction Welding process and why cooling is required.

  1. A high amperage current is passed through a copper coil, which induces a powerful magnetic field, when a metal object is placed inside the coil it is heated and bonded together.

Product example: Tin Cans, Pipes.

induction welding

Induction Weld Cooling

  1. The coil; need cooling via the water lines to insure they do not overheat
  2. Quenching Tank; in some instances the quenching tanks require cooling

What Must The Cooling System Include?

5 Bar pump pressure to overcome small bore pipework in coil.

Does the system use deionised water?, if it does it is important to include non-ferrous water system.

Call Our Experienced Engineers

Aqua's team of engineers have many years experience in the metal industry are on hand to take your call on 0333 0044433, should you require injection welding unit cooling.

Before speaking to us, please try and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible as the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help:

  • What is the temperature of the chilled water required?
  • What water pressure do you require at the tools?
  • What is your welder type?
  • What is the welder KVA input?
  • What is the water treatment on process?
  • What is the automatic fill on process?
  • Does the system use deionised water?
  • Is there a quench tank?

Aqua's engineers look forward to speaking to you soon and helping you with your induction welding cooling requirements!







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