Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers are normally used as part of a system to cool Industrial Processes and large scale machinery.

Industrial Process Chillers

The Chillers work by controlling the Cooling process, helping to regulate temperatures at an optimum level, to prevent heat-generating machinery from getting too hot and ultimately failing. Industrial Chiller units are most commonly found in factories and manufacturing scenarios and are widely used among the food, beverage, packaging, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, though the overall application of Industrial Chillers is far reaching.

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Turbocor Chillers

Besides industry, Industrial Chillers can also be used to regulate the temperature of specialist equipment, for example that found within the medical and Data Centre sector.

Equipment such as servers, X-ray machines and MRI scanners notoriously produce high-levels of heat emissions as they function. Being able to effectively cool these machines and cap heat output to a safe level is the difference between them working efficiently or experiencing a critical failure.

When your business model relies on a fully functioning production line or process to turn around your product or service, the one thing you cannot afford is for one, or all, machines to go out of action.

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Range Of Industrial Chillers

This is where installing an industrial chiller can make all the difference. After all, for every minute a machine is out of order, your company is losing precious profits and if you're a supplier of goods or parts and customer orders can't be fulfilled, then you stand to potentially lose contracts to the competition, which could come at a grave cost to your business.

At Aqua Cooling we specialise in advising businesses and organisations on the right cooling product to suit their unique circumstances. Our expert team of engineers will assess your needs and tailor an industrial chiller solution that delivers high-performing and reliable results.

Our extensive range of industrial chiller products, such as our popular ENR Industrial Chiller range, encompass the latest in performance technology, carbon emission reduction, and energy efficiency, helping you to find the best practice solution that adheres to industry regulatory standards.

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Industrial Chiller Hire

We offer a comprehensive range of chiller units, including water and air cooled, Turbocor units, free cooling and propane variants. Aqua Cooling Hire also has a fleet of Industrial Chillers for Hire, whether that be short term rental or more permanent contract lease hire.

We can also look after every aspect of your chiller system, from initial design right through to final install and commissioning. Our service division are able to offer a full aftercare support package, as well as offering repairs and maintenance on units that are already in place.

So whether you need a refresh of your existing technology to upgrade to a more cost efficient solution, or you're a new business just entering the world of Industrial cooling for the first time, our expert team can answer any questions you have.

With a Free site survey and quote, Free energy audit on Industrial Chiller systems and professional service contracts with a 24/7 operation and 6 hour response time - why not give our experienced engineers a call today to talk through your chiller requirements and how Aqua can help!

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Industrial Chillers
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