Industrial ITF & ITC Free Cooling Chillers

ITF/ITC Range – our ITF and ITC Industrial Chillers are designed with energy efficient inverter driven screw compressors and are extremely versatile, easier to maintain than standard Turbocor Chillers and suitable for either normal or the harshest of environments.

Our ITC range of Industrial R134a Class A inverter driven screw compressor, energy efficient chillers with Free cooling as an optional extra (ITF), with a range from 224kW to over 995kW each with 2 independent refrigerant circuits to increase energy efficiency and reliability. The ITC range is fitted with the latest refrigeration technology EC fans shell and tube evaporators, refrigerant economisers and free cooling coils on all models.

This versatile, industrial, energy efficient range can cope with environmental extremes from the freezing temperatures of Siberia to the sweltering deserts of Arabia. The chillers can be manufactured to any environmental noise criteria and they rival efficiency levels of their Turbocor compressor counterparts. With these inverter driven screw units you gain all the efficiency benefits yet safe in the knowledge that your chiller will withstand harsher environmental and application requirements.

ITC/ITF Chillers – Benefits

Benefits of the ITC-ITF Chiller range include:

  • – Inverter driven screw compressors
  • – ESEER 5.14
  • – Shell and tube evaporators as standard
  • – Water/glycol temperatures down to -10°C and up to 30°C
  • – Variable head pressure control to maximise free cooling in partial Free Cooling mode

Technical Specification

Please click on the image below to view our PDF for more information on the ITF ITC Free Cooling Chiller range (the PDF will open in another browser window).


Optional Extras Available

The ITF-ITC Industrial Chiller range includes a wide range of optional extras, including:

  • - Single or dual pumps up to 10bar

  • - Internal buffer tanks

  • - Saline atmosphere/desert capabilities copper/copper electrotinned condenser coils, special paint finish

  • - High flow

  • - Special low -40°C and high 55°C ambient versions

  • - Low and ultra low noise

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