Aqua Cooling Leak Prevention System (LPS)

LPS – winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation and an Innovation commendation from The Institute of Physics, our unique leak prevention system gives all the benefits of a water-cooled solution with leak-free operation guaranteed.

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Winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2015 - one of the UK's most prestigious business accolades, in recognition of it's innovation.

For more information about the award, please view our latest News release about the Buckingham Palace Celebration.

Our unique, patented (UK patent number - GB2465140) Aqua Cooling Leak Prevention System (LPS) enables water cooled Data Centre Cooling systems to operate with a guaranteed leak free operation. Our system isn't a Leak Detection device – it’s prevents a leak from occurring in the first instance.

The Aqua LPS can be integrated with the majority of Data Centre Cooling products within the market place. Alternatively, Aqua Cooling can supply the complete package, including Leak Prevention System, Rear Doors, In-Rows or CRAC units.

It's Not Leak Detection - It's Leak Prevention!

Historically, clients using water cooled products within their Data Centre environment would be limited to using Leak Detection systems. These commonly relied on water leaking, running off pipework or spraying from a burst to activate the necessary alarms and shut the system down, potentially after the water has come into contact with the servers. By this time the damage would have already occurred. This could lead to flooding if the situation went unnoticed and/or damage to critical hardware, loss of data, damage to room infrastructure and subsequent impact on revenues and investment.

Equally, while detection systems can alert staff to a leak, they have to be set to a level which will detect genuine increases in moisture levels to avoid false alarms. Such systems are expensive and not entirely fool proof. Solutions such as leak detection tape, add to the expense of a system and must be regularly checked and maintained. Often clients installed two identical systems at 100% capacity – if a leak occurred in one, the systems could be switched to maintain the system’s integrity.

With a Guaranteed Leak-Free operation, the Aqua LPS has removed the need for clients to invest in duplicate set ups – the space they take up and the obvious associated costs - while providing considerable environmental benefits:

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  • > Less need for real estate - a smaller, less complex building can be used

  • > Combined with market leading Data Centre products, Save Energy by up to 98% over traditional Data Centre Cooling set ups – a proven figure when waste heat from the Data Centre is used to heat other areas of the operation

  • > A system which is modular and scalable, to suit any size or density of Data Centre from 23kW to 10MW and can work with high or low flow rates and water temperatures

  • > The system can be easily up-scaled with very little cost and no interruption to the running of the existing Data Centre

  • > A lower Carbon Footprint

Additional Information

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How Does The Aqua LPS Work?

At the heart of the LPS is the innovative use of a simple scientific principle which wasn't previously commercially used in the Data Centre sector. The key component (and innovative idea) is a Venturi tube, which turns the water pressure from positive to negative to prevent water escaping from a burst or damaged pipe, hose or connection.

The Aqua Cooling LPS is a free standing, frame mounted unit. Within its frame are stainless steel pipes, integral heat exchanger and circulation tank, end suction motive pumps, air / dirt separator, an air ingress alarm and control panel.

The Leak Prevention System always circulates water at negative pressure – if any joint, hose, pipe or part of the Data Centre Cooling circuit fails and creates a leak, air is drawn into and carried within the fluid. This prevents water escaping.

Water is continually sucked through the system, carrying the air drawn in from the leak – wherever it is – to the LPS unit and changed to positive pressure to remove the air via the air separator. A solid column of water, again under negative pressure, is recirculated through the system to ensure no loss of cooling occurs, even during a leak situation.

Critically, the Data Centre’s Cooling system will continue to operate, while any remedial work can be carried out when convenient to maximise uptime. Increased energy efficiency is gained by an inverter driven pumping system based on the negative pressure sensed within the LPS system.

Designed To Your Specification

Our team of experienced engineers can design a Leak Prevention Data Centre solution for your business requirements. Using our in-house professional 3D design software - SolidWorks - Aqua can design your LPS system in detail, visualising the system from all angles to ensure it fits your specification exactly.

Call our team on 0333 0044433 to discuss your Data Centre Cooling requirements and how Aqua's LPS can help!

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Award-winning Leak Prevention System (LPS) from Aqua Cooling. Our unique, patented Leak Prevention System (LPS) enables water cooled Data Centre Cooling systems to operate with a guaranteed leak-free operation. It's not a Leak Detection device – it’s prevents a leak from occurring in the first instance!