Adaptive Hybrid Technology

Aqua Group’s customers have embraced the company’s new hybrid cooling solution. Director Simon Davis explains why…

“Getting to know our customers’ business inside-out is crucial to Aqua Cooling’s success – how else can we accurately identify clients’ needs, provide the perfect solution, and then maintain an optimum, problem-free service?

And our engineers really know their stuff. Talented, enthusiastic, highly-qualified – they are among the best there is. Yet even the best technicians are often only as good the solutions at their fingertips… and that’s where our innovative hybrid technology comes into its own.

Above all, our hybrid design was inspired by our customers. Increasingly we were being asked for a clean, chemical-free, low-cost and low-maintenance cooling product that could combine the temperature benefits of evaporative cooling techniques with the lower water temperatures traditionally achieved by dry air coolers.

Aqua Cooling’s bespoke hybrids represent our response: we have developed a practical alternative to expensive-to-run refrigeration without the need for costly anti-legionella chemicals or legislative requirements. Because they encompass all these plus-points in one package, hybrids are perfect for use in manufacturing plants and data centres as well as any other industry output that relies heavily on energy.

In brief, our hybrid adiabatic coolers primarily use a dry-cooling method that produces a minute amount of waste water; the system is regularly flushed to kill any lingering bacteria instantly as the water passes through specially adapted ultra violet filters. Evaporating pads boost cooling power to within four degrees centigrade of wet bulb temperature, and air flow is maintained at a specific velocity to curb operating costs and improve energy efficiency.

Simple to install and operate, hybrids are certainly effective coolers – they also have an excellent bacterial safety record, endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive’s decision not to require their registration.

Add to that their incomparable versatility and Aqua Cooling hybrids emerge as clear winners in the race to provide flexible cooling solutions for the future.

As technological developments change the industrial landscape around us, so Aqua Group is ready with adaptable solutions to meet the changing cooling needs of industry.”