Protect Your Operation From Equipment Breakdown This Summer

Along with warmer days comes an increased need for cooling in both process and comfort applications. When the cooling demand increases, so does the stress on your plant.
If Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) has not been religiously carried out, water has been left untreated or the system was simply not designed for such demand, then this can lead to equipment failure.
Common breakdown causes from chiller condenser fans to chilled water pumps, compressors, and auxiliaries – most problems can be broken down into mechanical, electrical, and control issues.

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Here are some of the common issues to look out for and how they can be solved:


Prevention is better than cure

Following a Planned Preventative Maintenance programme (in line with both F-Gas regulations and your operational requirements) will help you to avoid equipment and component failure.
Choose a maintenance provider who understands your operation and includes water checks and treatment as part of the service.
If your provider can offer a dedicated service engineer (the same engineer to carry out all of your maintenance), they will be able to add extra value to your site and operation over the longer-term.

Contingency Planning

Plan for heatwaves. They tend to happen at least once a year – any time from April to October. If you know your demand for cooling capacity will increase during a heatwave, you can hire additional equipment to cover this.
Find a partner who can help you plan for a heatwave, including supply and install of ‘plug and play’ hire equipment for a stress-free operation.
Even with all the forward planning through your PPM contract and with all the will in the world, breakdowns can still happen.
If an equipment breakdown is going to significantly affect your operation, you can add resilience by having a stand-by or more modular equipment – providing reassurance that no matter what, you can continue to keep that needed cooling capacity.

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