Mini-Cooler Completes the Design Picture for HPC System

Engineers at a South Coast specialist engineering firm have come up trumps with a new design for compact mini-coolers after embarking on an exciting product development programme alongside Sheffield-based liquid cooling specialist Iceotope.

Hampshire-based Aqua Cooling’s Mini-Box Cooler is tailor-made to link with the efficiency-conscious IT company’s flagship PetaGen, a High Performance Computing (HPC) system, providing an effective and reliable cooling circuit capable of maintaining the server’s integral liquid coolant at optimum temperature indefinitely.

By combining the virtues of a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger and optimised system design specifications, Aqua’s new compact coolers complement perfectly Iceotope’s space-saving PetaGen units; they are connected via hoses and can be positioned outdoors to help keep office noise to a minimum while maximising cooling capacity and increasing server efficiency.

Chris Aitken, sales engineer at Aqua Cooling's Data Centre Solutions division (DCS), said: “Our prototype Mini-Box performed perfectly during the client’s product testing process and the finished version has proved a very popular fit with the needs of Iceotope’s customer."

“The extra cooling capability that our mini-units bring to Iceotope’s innovative compact server cabinets considerably enhances the PetaGen system and Aqua is proud to be involved with the on-going evolution of this exciting and successful data processor product-line."

“I think our Mini-Box Cooler has great potential — we are constantly considering ways in which to develop the design and incorporate new features that will help us adapt it for a variety of scenarios to meet the changing needs of our clients and our clients’ clients,” said Chris.

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