Aqua Supplies Complete Package to Manufacturing Client

The Client –

Global Packaging Manufacturer

The Challenge –

Eliminating Single-point Failures

The Solution –

System Upgrade

When you are manufacturing 24/7, the resilience and reliability of your process is most likely as important as its efficiency. For a packaging supplier client looking to upgrade their existing process cooling system, Aqua’s design team came up with a system which managed to overcome legacy issues, added N+1 redundancy and improved energy efficiency.

Our clients’ existing cooling system on their injection moulding process line required additional capacity and whilst they had bridged the gap temporarily with a chiller from our hire division, they wanted a permanent solution going forward.

Their existing system also had an issue with additives in the water which, over time, had corroded the current chiller’s evaporator, causing it to rupture. Not only did this result in a large repair bill, but it also jeopardised production which would have a huge financial impact for the client. The alternative was to hire in replacement equipment, at additional cost, to bridge the gap whilst repairs were carried out. Any upgrade needed to resolve the risk of additives compromising the process a second time.

Aqua’s solution involved adding a second chiller to the process, along with intermediate plate heat exchangers to separate the primary and secondary circuits. With two chillers, both operating on reduced load, the system could maximise efficiency and benefit from built in redundancy. Adding the heat exchangers would prevent any future damage from contaminants as well as protecting against possible frost damage. Resilience was boosted even further by the addition of a large buffer tank and the inclusion of inverter driven process pumps increased operational efficiency.

The full solution included:

  • 348kW scroll fluid chiller – with 2 refrigeration circuits and 4 compressors
  • 304 stainless steel plate heat exchangers
  • Inverter driven process pumps
  • 4000 litre tank

Full mechanical design, installation & commissioning

“This project really showcases the difference technical design excellence can make to a system”, explains Aqua Senior Sales Engineer, Martin Windley. “Not only did the design team overcome the initial challenges, but they also boosted overall system resilience, improved efficiency and our client will now benefit from cost savings year after year.”