Leak-Proof Cooling Eliminates Data Centre Hot Spots

Aqua’s Sales Director explains how their innovative data centre cooling system helps in the war against hot spots:

“In many legacy data centres, especially those designed for relatively low density, any increase in power densities or the amount of equipment they house, can have devastating effects. The ‘hotspots’ that often result can cause equipment to overheat and in the worst case, fail completely."

"Although data centre operation requires a large amount of power, much of this is given off as waste heat. If this heat is not equally distributed, areas of high temperature can build up and create identifiable and problematic hotspots. In data centres that have been designed without extra space for additional cooling equipment these often lead to a troublesome imbalance in the centre’s air system."

"Our innovative cooling solution offers data centres an alternative that takes up significantly less space, eliminates overheating and carries a leak-free guarantee - even when catering for up to 40kW per cooling rack."

"Aqua’s system consists of a water-cooled rear door that can be bolted directly to the back of existing racks to prevent overheating, eliminating any hotspots while increasing the airflow throughout the data centre itself."

"With the inclusion of our unique and patented Leak Prevention System (LPS), awarded the 2015 Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation), Aqua’s solution protects data centre equipment from water damage with a 100% leak free guarantee. Our LPS isn’t a leak detection system – it prevents leaks occurring in the first place.

"Our design also uses no extra flow as it piggy-backs the existing system by using the flow of warm return water, without requiring any additional water flow to generate an increased cooling capacity - most data centres have enough chiller capacity but are restricted on flow."

"Thanks to our solution, data centre equipment is cooled by water circulating through a series of underground or overground pipes running from the LPS unit to the cooling system’s drawer doors. This system caters for an increased computing density, in some cases up to 40kW per cabinet. This is ideal for high-powered computing and can be installed without the need for any expensive and inconvenient downtime — maintaining the excellent level of service that our data centre clients have come to expect."

"The system is easy to install and can fit onto any manufacturer’s rack. There’s no need to remove existing cooling systems to create space for our new system, nor does it rely on expanding data centre structure. Not only can it extend the life of existing data centre coolers, but they are also able to cope with higher density cooling racks.”

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