Simon Davis On Aqua’s Queen’s Award Success

“Long after our Queen’s Award celebrations are over, Aqua’s customers will still be reaping the benefits of our now officially “innovative” Leak Prevention System – and that’s the way we like it.”

“Our talented engineers love nothing more than to solve the situation-specific problems encountered by their clients, and to present them with watertight – or airtight – solutions.”

“As an Aqua director, I am immensely proud to be a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation winner, and not least because this royal recognition is so richly deserved by all our staff. No business can flourish without a strong and cohesive team, and this success pays tribute to the quality and commitment of the entire Aqua team.”

“Based on the imaginative use of a simple scientific process, our LPS enables computer data centres and server rooms to benefit from guaranteed leak-free water-cooled data cabinets.”

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