State-Of-The-Art Cooling Technology Firing Up The Oil Sector

State-of-the-art cooling technology supplied by South of England specialist Aqua Group is firing up to help put some of the world’s newest oil rig pumps to the test.

The innovative company, which last year won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its new Leak Prevention System, recently installed its ground-breaking oil pump system at energy sector engineering group Hayward Tyler’s Luton “Centre of Excellence” headquarters in a deal worth £200,000.

Designed as an energy-efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional oil cooling methods, Aqua’s bespoke system removes up to 2 megawatts of waste energy produced from the testing of new and prototype performance-critical fluid-filled pump motors.

The pump motors, destined for use on high profile projects including offshore oil-rigs and located in some of the world’s most challenging marine environments, operate using up to 8 megawatts of input power and can generate extreme levels of heat.

During essential testing, Hayward Tyler relies on Aqua’s new equipment to maintain the oil pumps at a maximum temperature of 25 degrees Centigrade, dissipating the heat as it is produced. The equipment has increased Hayward Tyler’s overall test capabilities in the Centre of Excellence for specialist motor manufacture, simplifying the testing of larger motors it develops for companies such as GE and FMC.

Simon Davis, Aqua Cooling Sales Director, said:“We are very happy that, after extensive client consultation, Aqua was able to provide environmentally-friendly technology that not only does its job to a high-quality standard but has also saved Hayward Tyler hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

“Our Cooling Tower and Associated Pumping System is suitable for use in a wide range of motorised pump applications — from now on at Hayward Tyler’s Luton site they can be used for every kind of test run,”added Simon.