Stateside Success For ColdLogik Cooling System

QCooling, a collaboration between engineering firm Aqua Cooling, which has an office in York, and its partner USystems, has made its mark in North America by securing a multi-million dollar major-league California contract with Nautilus Data Technologies - a revolutionary global data center technology company operating just a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley.

The contract, expected to be worth more than $30 million in total, will see Aqua’s patented LPS leak prevention technology and rear door Coldlogik cooling systems installed on hi-tech barges moored on the USA’s West Coast and around the world.

Not only is this project environmentally-friendly — it focuses on making effective use of river water and sea water, a renewable resource in abundant supply — but it also represents the largest development of rear-door technology in the world.

"Nautilus Data Technologies is pioneering the next generation of data center facilities, and we needed an equally innovative cooling company to help us succeed,” said Arnold Magcale, Co-founder and CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies. "Qcooling is that innovative company. We look forward to collaborating with their specialists on our customized cooling process to achieve the highest density solution on the market – setting new standards of efficiency for the global data center industry.”

Queen’s award-winning Aqua Cooling has already embarked on the delivery of its market-leading cooling systems to Nautilus Data Technologies, completing the first stage of an ambitious and pioneering long-term project. Nautilus Data Technologies plans to launch its first waterborne data center in the iconic San Francisco Bay area in early 2016 and then deploy a series of floating facilities around the world.

Designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, Aqua’s specially-engineered cooling system makes good use of abundant natural resources by recycling river water and sea water, passing it through a heat exchanger to cool the data centre equipment, then returning 100 per cent of the pure water back to the natural body of water from which it came.

Mike West, Data Centre Projects Manager for Aqua Cooling, said, “We are delighted to be working on such an exciting and large-scale project. With California droughts frequently making headline news and an increasing need for businesses all over the world to cut costs and save energy, our products offer ideal solutions in America and beyond."

“Winning this US contract is of particular significance to Aqua, not only because the brief presented specific technical challenges that our design engineers were able to overcome, but also because it highlights Aqua’s ability to meet the demands of complex, high-profile and long-term international projects,” Mike added.

This latest contract cements the UK engineering company’s reputation as an innovative, state-of-the-art cooling specialist holding its rightful position as a leading international exporter of alternative cooling solutions.

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