The Key Ingredient For A Frost-Free Christmas

Aqua Cooling's Service Manager, Simon Bell, explains the importance of glycol service checking over the winter months........

"With Christmas just around the corner, keeping your cooling systems frost-free may not be at the forefront of your mind. But as winter temperatures slither to their more seasonal norms and the snow clouds gather, take a moment to turn your attention away from the bearded man in red and give your cooling systems a preventive health check — before it’s too late.

Of course, our multi-metal inhibited glycol with biocide that comes as standard with our cooling systems is already safeguarding the survival of your system, not only preventing low ambient and any freezing of the process fluid that would damage your systems, but also helping to prevent the formation of scale, bacteria, corrosion and algae that can degrade the fluid system’s performance.

Even so, regular and accurate testing of glycol concentrations is vital to the long-term health of your equipment and could avoid the need for a panicked phone call asking Aqua’s service team to fly to the rescue!

And our recommendation that you keep a vigilant eye on the winter health of your cooling system needn't interfere with your Christmas countdown — our highly-trained elves (Service Engineers) can carry out all the necessary glycol sampling for you. Aqua holds REFCOM registration (REF01011598), and all our service engineers are fully-conversant with the every HSE requirement, are accredited members of the Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, and are FGAS qualified.

Preventative Chiller Maintenance

Our preventive chiller maintenance contracts are designed to keep predictable issues such as system-freeze ups at bay — saving you time and money and protecting your business from downtime and its disastrous consequences.

Our engineers will work closely with your people to develop and implement a planned programme of specialist routine maintenance to maximise the running efficiency of your cooling system. Because Aqua’s maintenance service includes regular chiller glycol checks, our engineers ensure the concentration of glycol in your system is exactly right: preventing freezing in the heat exchangers and free cooling coils whilst optimising the system’s capacity. And our new Climacheck testing electronic refrigeration system analyser will ensure that your system is running at its full efficiency even in low ambient conditions."

For more information about Aqua’s thorough preventive chiller maintenance plans, simply call our service team on 0845 0941 800.

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