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Industrial Oil Coolers (Hydraulic Oil Coolers/Cutting Fluid Coolers)

Oil Coolers – often referred to as hydraulic oil coolers or cutting fluid coolers, our range of industrial oil coolers work with various oil types for different applications.

Range Of Industrial Oil Coolers

Industrial Oil Coolers can take various formats with various oil types, from ISO VG 32 to 460 or SAE 10 to 70 and other types of cutting fluid emulsions all of which can be catered for.

All of Aqua's Industrial Oil Coolers come complete with either plate type coolers on clean oil supplies or shell and tube on contaminated systems or in extreme cases such as oil filtration systems we would offer coil in tank systems.

Our cooler range can also be used as a replacement for expensive OEM units fitted that come in from Germany or the Far East directly on the machine tools for:

  • - Grinding
  • - Honing
  • - Boring
  • - Saws
  • - Drills
  • - Milling
  • - Laser

We can also offer centralised Free Cooling systems enabling the removal of individual machines putting heat and having large air flows within the production area saving money and removing the equipment from contaminated air environments.

Our range of refrigerated Coolers, Air Blast Coolers or Adiabatic systems will enable you to maintain your systems at the optimum temperature from 1 to 2000kW in any ambient, environment or Voltage 50/60hz.

industrial oil coolers

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Industrial Oil Coolers
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Industrial Oil Coolers
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Industrial Oil Coolers from Aqua Cooling - Hydraulic Oil Coolers / Cutting Fluid Coolers - Trust the UK Experts in Cooling - Call today!