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Process Chillers – our range of small to large Industrial Process Chillers are designed and manufactured specifically for the demands and return water temperatures of the process market, with quality, reliability and efficiency being key drivers.

One thing our engineers are often asked is “why are Process Chillers designed differently from Air Conditioning Chillers?” The answer is relatively straightforward. Process chillers are designed to run 24/7 with varying load and ambient climatic conditions, on an ongoing basis. Whereas Air Conditioning Chillers are designed to run at full load during summer months, but then are effectively redundant in the midst of winter.

At Aqua we pride ourselves on offering a range of Process Cooling Solutions for either purchase or hire, that are designed and manufactured to a standard where “commercial just isn’t good enough”. Our robust frame work, impeccable paintwork and overall design of the packaged unit, ensures that we provide the highest quality unit each and every time.

process chillers

As Process Chillers can often have varying demands, and return water temperatures, Aqua’s units are designed to take higher water temperatures that those of any of our competitors. Our small to large Process Chillers will happily run at 30°C water, when required. Our buffer tank and pumping systems make sure that the refrigeration side of things works effectively and is protected from the process at all times.

Process Cooling Solutions

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Our Process Cooling Chillers can be supplied in 304 or 316 stainless steel frame and hydraulic systems. The units can be tailored for coastal and aggressive atmospheric conditions and for ambients from -40°C to +55°C – making them ideal whether your project is in the frozen lands of Siberia or the searing desert heat of the Middle East. In addition, Aqua’s units can be tailor made to provide fluid at all temperature pressures and flow rates for very little additional cost.

Our N+1 and N+N systems give you continual operation, plus the peace of mind that the cooling of your process will be uninterrupted in the rare event of a component breakdown. With A & B power switching, run and standby pumps and fault default settings, our process chillers stay running 24/7.

Quality really matters at Aqua and we are committed to providing you with a system that will work more efficiently and last far longer than one supplied by our competitors.

Contact Aqua today and speak to our engineers about our range of Process Chillers and Process Cooling solutions and how Aqua can help - Trust the UK Experts in Cooling!

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Process Chillers
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