Data Centre Rear Door Cooling

Data Centre Rear Doors – Aqua’s award-winning range of water cooled rear doors lead the field when it comes to ultra-efficient Data Centre Cooling solutions.

Award-Winning Cooling Solutions

The Coldlogik Data Centre Rear Coolers were awarded with the UK’s highest business accolade in 2013, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation. Two of our Data Centre installations have won the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Certified Energy Efficient Data Centre Award, one winning Gold (best in class capability) and one winning Silver (advance capability). The Gold winner also won the 2012 Project Excellence Award which is an annual prize given to a public or private sector entrant for the most outstanding Data Centre Cooling project.

Beating The Heat

Heat is the common enemy of Data Centres, created by the power required to run billions of individual components, usually housed on 19 inch racks in rows of cabinets containing computer servers, systems and associated equipment – such centres vary in size from a few cabinets to several hundred and each cabinet can generate up to 45 kW of heat.

Cooling Data Centres is, understandably, a serious issue. The traditional method was to air condition the entire building – now recognised as being hopelessly inefficient and extremely wasteful of resources as they strive to maintain individual cabinets at sub-30°C and ensure delicate components are not damaged by heat or hot spots.

A New Approach

Aqua’s Coldlogik Data Centre Rear Door Coolers offer an innovative, competitive and highly efficient alternative to traditional cooling solutions. Our Rear Coolers are essentially, fan driven, water cooled heat exchangers fitted to the rear of individual data cabinets. They draw the heated air from the active equipment on the data racks through the heat exchanger coils and, thus cooled, back into the data room as ambient air to provide ‘free’ air conditioning. They allow loads of up to 58kW per cabinet with the added benefit of removing real estate inherent with hot aisle cold aisle, in row cooling, CRAC cooling and aisle containment designs.

rear door cooling

The waste heat is removed at source using water cooling – without any risk of leakage – by the Aqua Cooling Leak Prevention System (LPS). The LPS protects each individual rear door and all the associated pipework and pipework accessories. Even if the leak is as small as a weep in the pipework or as large as an open connection to a door, there is no possibility of leakage or system interruption. Leak-free continuous operation is guaranteed.

Rear Door Cooling Solutions

Coldlogik Rear Coolers allow supply water temperatures to rise from the traditional 6°C for CRAC systems to between 14°C-24°C, reducing chiller size and energy costs. They also increase the availability of “free cooling”, delivering up to the ASHRAE maximum 27°C (2013) room temperature.

From their earliest days, air conditioning systems were designed to remove between 1 and 3 kW per cabinet. The ability to remove heat from cabinets by some form of air conditioning is limited to 20 kW – and while the heat omitted from standard cabinets is probably only 7 to 10 kW, within the next couple of years, as processors become even faster, this is expected to rise to an average of 15 kW per cabinet. With the increase of working temperatures of servers, anything above this will require a water cooled rear door.

With the drive towards cloud computing and virtualisation, the Coldlogik Rear Door Cooler – with its ability to remove large heat loads, typically 24 to 30 kW – allows several powerful blade servers to be held in one cabinet, reducing the real estate required. A new style blade server, which only takes up 6U of a potential 48U cabinet, will itself produce up to 6 kW. Super computers can produce up to 45 kW – and we are now being asked by certain military and research establishments to cool cabinets generating up to 58 kW of heat.

The Aqua Cooling system also allows the design, installation and operation of high density data centres with highly critical services to use ambient air only – no refrigeration – so enabling them to become virtually zero carbon emitters from a cooling perspective.

We offer a range of external cooling options, including chillers, cooling towers & adiabatics, as well as natural resources such as river, lake & sea water and boreholes.

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