Sheet Extrusion

What Is The Process?

  1. The extruder unit take’s the plastic pellets from a hopper it is heated and forced through a forming die where the outline shape is produced
  2. Cooling rollers take the plastic from the die and is pulled through a set of rollers set at different temperatures to ensure the product meets its profile
  3. At take off the product profile is taken through the calibrator section to winding units for packing

Product Examples: Cladding , shrink wrap

sheet extrusion

Sheet Extrusion Cooling Systems

Why is cooling required for the plastic sheet extrusion cooling process?

  • Roll cooling is required to take the heat out of the plastic. These rollers can be temperature controlled, they can require cooling at different temperatures. They are designed to change the plastic from a soft state to a hardened state. Flow rate through the rolls can be very high

Cooling Options To Consider: Free Cooling, Ambient Cooling Only

What Must The Cooling System Include?

  • Some of the larger machines have temperation units on them and therefore require low pressure pumps. They also have low cooling water temperature differences and therefore a buffer tank with separate process and chiller recirculation pumps is advisable across the process. On smaller systems a manual By-Pass on chiller circuit is acceptable. It is likely the water flow could change during operation so it if important the chiller always has its required minimum flow
  • A lot of these systems apart from APET can run at 25C water supply therefore ambient cooling products could be applied

How Is The Cooling Calculated

  • Tools = Plastic through put x Plastic Factor = Cooling Duty in KW

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  • What is the temperature of the chilled water required?
  • What water pressure do you require at the tools?
  • What is your plastic throughput/hour?
  • What type of plastic is being used?
  • What is the vacuum motor input power?
  • What is the in/out differential?

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