Aqua Pro Chillers Support OEM

The Client –

Oxfordshire based OEM

The Challenge –

Designing flexible cooling solution for OEM product offering

The Solution –

An air-cooled Aqua Pro water chiller

A long-standing water treatment customer asked us to design a cooling solution for their range of reverse osmosis (RO) water purification plants. 


Based in Oxfordshire, our client manufactures RO plants, supplying them to their own customer based. Reverse osmosis is used for purifying water and is popular in the metal finishing and pharmaceutical sectors, amongst others. 

A semipermeable membrane cleans the water as it pumps through.  The RO process can remove 99% of organic and inorganic contamination.

Purifying water this way can replace the need for chemical deionisers and omits the need to hold and handle aggressive chemicals on site.  An additional advantage is that no chemical effluent is discharged.

The systems have a UV light and a pump that get warm during operation, so require cooling. Without cooling, the water will overheat, rendering the RO equipment ineffective and potentially causing it to stop operating completely. 


Aqua specified a single phase, air-cooled water chiller from the Aqua Pro range. The chiller will circulate chilled water through the plant’s plate heat exchanger, keeping the deionised water at optimum temperature. The size of the chiller supplied can be easily varied, depending on the reverse osmosis plant being supplied.


“For an OEM peace of mind is really important” explains Ben Newman, Aqua’s OEM specialist.  “They need to be confident that their product will work exactly as it should for their customers.  In addition, when choosing Aqua as your temperature control partner, you can rest assured that we’ll be on hand for any technical support that may be needed along the way.”

If you’re an OEM looking for help with your temperature control requirements, call 0333 004 4433.

Ben Newman - OEM Specialist - Aqua Temperature Control People

Our Original Equipment Manufacturer customers are in safe hands with Ben. He’s a qualified mechanical engineer with a background in creating & designing commodities, from electrical connectors through to military mobile phones and plastic furniture for domestic fridges.


Job Title: OEM Specialist

Aqua Pro Chillers Support OEM