Boiler Hire Takes To The Floor Saving Time And Money

The Client –

Construction Company

The Challenge –

Running Underfloor Heating System At First Fix Stage

The Solution –

Dual Fuel Boiler On Short Term Hire

If you’re working within the construction field, you can save both time and money by hiring one of our fleet of variably controlled Dual Fuel Boilers. As with this application for a new build construction client, the boiler can be used at first fix stage to get the underfloor heating system up and running, which can then be used as a heat source to help speed up the overall drying out process.

Under floor heating has become increasingly popular with both developers and home owners alike in recent years.

As well as being energy efficient and relatively cost effective to install, it also appeals for aesthetic reasons as it means having a radiator on the wall in every room is a thing of the past.

When the underfloor heating is first laid, a screed is applied on top. This screed needs to be carefully dried out as any moisture left behind could compromise the finish of the final flooring. At this stage in the build process the main boiler wasn’t installed although the pipework was. In instances such as these, it’s relatively straightforward to connect to a temporary boiler which can then speed things up quite considerably.

Our Hire Boilers have variable temperature control, allowing the temperature to be slowly increased, by as little as 1°C each day. Once the floor screed has dried out, the underfloor Heating system can then act as a heat source for the rest of the building.

Not only do our Dual Fuel Boilers enable very accurate temperature control, they also use oil or gas as their fuel source. Electricity is often a rare commodity on a building site, so our dual fuel models overcome this.

It is possible to use Portable Heaters to help dry out the floor screed, but not only do you need several power supplies, you don’t gain the added advantage of being able to use the underfloor Heating system once the floor screed has dried out. Using a single boiler is a much more cost effective and efficient solution.

All our engineers are very familiar with the constraints a construction site can pose and the tight deadlines that these projects work to. Our equipment can be quickly delivered nationwide, often next day. Our minimum hire period starts at just one week and our hire agreements are very flexible and simple to extend should things on site take longer than estimated.

Our specialist Hire engineers are equipped with all the necessary PPE and are fully versed with health & safety best practice. Our quality team are also on hand to assist with any necessary method statements and risk assessments, giving you total peace of mind.

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