Custom Design Skill Set Keeps Glycol Pumping

The Client –

UK Based Chemical Client

The Challenge –

Glycol Pump For Overseas Site

The Solution –

Custom Self-contained Packaged Skid

Clients working within sensitive and critical industries such as the chemical sector tend to work within very strict and specific parameters and for these customers it’s Aqua’s ability to custom build a solution that puts them head and shoulders above the competition.

For a client looking to circulate 30% glycol fluid around their cooling plant, Aqua’s design team put together a closed-circuit pump skid which was designed and built on a completely bespoke basis. The end result was a self-contained packaged solution ready to be shipped overseas to its final destination.

The full solution included:

  • 2 x circulating pumps; 1 active and 1 standby with auto switch over
  • Pump in-line Y strainer, suction and discharge pressure indicators, discharge temperature indicator
  • Sealed Process tank in 304L stainless steel, high/low level switches and level gauge
  • Valves and piping
  • Control panel and control system
  • Local instruments
  • Steel base frame
  • Electrical and instrument wiring
  • Vacuum packaging for onward transportation overseas

“It’s often easy to think of process or industrial cooling equipment in terms of off the shelf chillers and box units” explains Aqua Group’s Sales Manager, Shaun Lancaster. “But, for Aqua, there’s so much more to achieving the best solution for a customer. Our bespoke design & build ability is something we’re really proud of and it helps our customer get exactly what they need, without the restraints of trying to fix their requirements to a set product or range of products.”