Emergency Heating Hire Solution Helps Biogas Plant Stay Operational

The Client –

Suffolk based biogas facility

The Challenge –

Emergency breakdown putting plant operation at risk

The Solution –

Temporary heating hire solution incorporating air handling units

Equipment hire comes into its own when faced with a breakdown scenario.  When a Suffolk based biogas plant’s existing heating system malfunctioned, they turned to Aqua for a rental solution.


A biogas plant, also known as an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, is a facility that converts organic waste materials into biogas through the natural process of anaerobic digestion.  Effectively, organic materials like food waste and animal manure, are turned into a sustainable energy source which can be used for heating and electricity generation.

Part of the process of converting the waste involves drying it out which is referred to as digestate drying.  Hot air is blown through the waste, to remove the moisture, and as it biodegrades natural gases are given off.  These natural gases can then be captured for use as natural energy. 


The facility’s existing system had malfunctioned, due to a split coil.  Aqua’s Hire team attended site, identified the problem, and ordered up a temporary heating solution from our warehouse to keep the plant operational.  At the same time, our Service team were introduced so that replacement parts and a repair could be arranged.

Aqua connected 2 x 150kW temporary air handling units (AHU) to the site’s hot water system, along with 25 metres of flow & return pipework.  Ductwork was also run to provide a supply of warm air back to the digestate process.   Once the temporary units were plumbed into the existing hot water system and commissioned, the new air handlers could take over the waste drying process.


The Hire solution stayed in place until replacement parts were delivered and installed.  Aqua have subsequently serviced the entire heating system and carried out a full system flush.

“Our client’s number one concern was, understandably, keeping their plant running” explains Hire Sales Engineer, Ben Hughes. “With our Hire & Service teams working together, just one phone call from the client to our rental desk, was all it took.  Hire started the ball rolling with an initial site visit, but the client was so impressed with our response and technical expertise that they’ve now asked us to look after their cooling & heating requirements in the long term.

For support with your next temporary heating – or cooling – requirement call the team on 0333 004 4433. 



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