Lack Of Outside Space Pays Dividends For Plastics Client

The Client –

Plastic Injection Moulding Client On The South Coast

The Challenge –

No Outside Space To Site Process Chiller

The Solution –

Pipework Upgrade With Minimal Downtime

Whilst initially a lack of outside space to might seem problematic, our design team managed to turn it into a huge positive for a client running an injection moulding plant on the South Coast.

Their production factory is part of an industrial estate, but local restrictions prohibited them using their external space to site a chiller. Their failing legacy chiller had been installed at height within their factory. This had made access for servicing and maintenance challenging over the years and the unit was now failing and becoming costly to repair.

Aqua’s design team suggested replacing the existing chiller with a new air-cooled chiller unit from our CSE range. These chillers are specifically designed for indoor installations and have variable speed centrifugal fans which allow air to be ducted externally or internally. This effectively allows the chiller to provide process cooling, but the resulting warm air can then be ducted into the factory during the colder months to provide comfort heating. In the warmer summer months, the air is simply directed outside to keep the ambient temperature comfortable.

The full solution included:

  • CSE 160 air cooled chiller with shell & tube evaporator
  • Design service
  • Installation & commissioning

“Our design team did a great job of turning a negative into a positive with this installation”, explains Shaun Lancaster, Aqua’s Sales Manager. “Our client knew they needed to find a new location for their chiller for it to work effectively for the long term but were so restricted with their options. The fact that we could provide a highly energy efficient unit as well as repurposing the waste heat for space heating was a complete win win. They’ll not just make energy savings from the new chiller but they’ll also dramatically cut their heating bills!”