The Client –

Wild Card Brewery, London

The Challenge –

Relocation And Production Expansion

The Solution –

Cooling System Design, Supply & Install

For an award-winning London based brewery, a move to new premises gave them the opportunity to install a brand-new process cooling system, complete with built-in heat reclaim.

Wild Card Brewery, based in Walthamstow, East London, was founded in 2012. Within just 5 years Wild Card had 2 award winning beers to their name and currently supply supermarkets, pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the UK. They quickly realised that demand for their products was totally outstripping production and moved to new premises, giving them the potential to double their capacity.

Aqua designed and installed an energy efficient temperature control system for the new facility. The system chills the brewing tanks to sub 10°C once the fermentation stage of the process is complete. The chiller unit was designed with built in waste heat recovery, which is achieved by means of a desuperheater. The waste heat created during fermentation is subsequently reclaimed and used at the earlier “mashing” stage which requires water at 70-75°C. The heat reclaim process can achieve 50-55°C which means only a small amount of energy is then needed to top up the temperature to the required 70-75°C.

The new system’s energy credentials enabled Wild Card to successfully secure a £5,000 capital contribution from the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund. In addition to this, Aqua’s system is expected to save the brewery £3,000 each year in energy savings.

The full solution included:

  • Chiller with desuperheater for built in heat recovery
  • Glycol tank
  • Pumps
  • Individual temperature control systems for each tank – 12 in total
  • Bespoke design service
  • Support with a Carbon Trust Green Business Fund capital contribution application
  • Full installation – including electrical and mechanical works

For Wild Card the system has proved a real success. Head Brewer, Jaega Wise, explains “We’re really pleased with the new system at Lockwood Way, and after starting a crowdfunding campaign to facilitate our move, the annual savings are invaluable to us as an SME. The fact that Aqua are an approved supplier to The Carbon Trust and could help us secure an additional £5,000 funding was invaluable. We’re now looking forward to producing lots more Wild Card beer for everyone!”

The Client –

Milk Processor, Dairy Partners

The Challenge –

System Upgrade

The Solution –

Energy Efficient System Install

Aqua Cooling has installed its state-of-the-art, energy-efficient cooling technology at a leading dairy product manufacturer’s West Wales production plant on the edge of Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire in a deal worth more than half a million pounds.

Aqua were called in by Dairy Partners to supply energy-saving technology to cool its pasteurisation and mozzarella process and to upgrade its previous system.

Dairy Partners is a privately owned, milk processor that produces and exports a variety of pizza cheeses from milk supplied by contracted farmers. Products include the Danscorella brand mozzarella and pizza cheeses.
Previously, the cooling system at its West Wales cheese making plant comprised of two conventional refrigeration systems and one ammonia chiller unit. Aqua replaced these systems with inverter-driven screw compressor technology, enabling the chillers to operate at part-load with high efficiency and ensuring that the minimum-required energy is used at all times.

Aqua also installed a water-to-water heat pump to reclaim heat from the plant and re use it for pre boiler feed for the steam plant and heating wash down water to enhance efficiency. By using waste heat from the process it is able to save considerable amounts of energy and money and with the governments RHI scheme (renewable heat initiative) helped bring the payback for the system into a commercially viable option.

The full solution included:

  • Inverter driven screw chillers
  • Heat reclaim pump
  • Full system design, including energy calculations and payback figure
  • Installation and commissioning

Simon Davis, Sales Director at Aqua Cooling, said: “We’re extremely pleased that Dairy Partners was eager to invest in long-term renewable energy — energy-efficiency and environmental responsibility are extremely important to the way we work as a business. The company has been a joy to work with and we’re proud that, as a client, Dairy Partners trusts us to provide a high-quality solution focusing on long-term benefits. We have very much enjoyed becoming even more familiar with the food manufacturing industry, especially as this is a business sector that is so important to the UK economy.”

Aqua’s state-of-the-art technology is already bringing rewards for its client. The project, which cost just over £600,000, has enabled Dairy Partners to participate in a number of money-saving and environmentally-friendly ‘green energy’ programmes including the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive grant scheme and the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund.

“This is an excellent result for Dairy Partners. At Aqua we are passionate about energy-efficiency and strive to ensure that as many businesses as possible cool their industrial processes in an efficient, effective and environmentally friendly way,” said Simon.

Aqua Cooling has won a number of awards for its innovative technology, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) for its patented Leak Prevention System (LPS).