Plastic Vacuum Forming / Thermoforming

What Is The Process?

The plastic vacuum forming or thermoforming process and why cooling is required.

  1. A Plastic sheet is pulled across a mould in the bottom of the machine. An electric heater softens the plastic sheet to allow it to be pressed from above (formed) or sucked via a vacuum from below (vacuum forming)
  2. The plastic sheet is sucked on to a mould which shapes the plastic in to the shape required
  3. The sheet is indexed into and out of the mould by rollers at the end of the process


For more information about the plastic vacuum forming/thermoforming process please view the BPF website.

Thermoforming Cooling Systems

Why is cooling required for plastic vacuum forming / thermoforming systems?

  1. Once the plastic is heated and taken shape it requires the mould to be cooled to insure the plastic becomes solid again and retain its shape.
  2. The process is held together with hydraulic motors that required oil cooling.

How To Calculate The Cooling

  • Heater rated power = Input Power on Heater
  • 3600 = How many seconds are in 1 hour
  • Timer heater is over sheets in seconds = duration heat is applied to plastic
  • Forms per hour = How many moulds are made in 1 hour.

Call Aqua's Experienced Engineers

Aqua's team of experienced engineers are on hand to take your call on 0333 0044433, should you require plastic vacuum forming, thermoforming system cooling.

Before speaking to Aqua, please try and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible as the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help:

  • What is the chilled water temperature at process inlet?
  • What is the chilled water temperature at process outlet?
  • What is the pressure at process inlet?
  • What is the system fluid?
  • What is the heater rated power?
  • What is the time heater over sheet in seconds?
  • What are the forms per hour?

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