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Aqua understand that as a University you might have various departments, all using cooling in one way or another - Aqua Cooling have a wide range of Cooling Solutions to satisfy your University Cooling requirements including:

  • Electron microscopes
  • Laser chillers
  • Material testing equipment
  • Distillation chillers and coolers
  • Laboratory chillers
  • Precision Air conditioners
  • Mixing vessel cooling
  • Low temperature chillers
  • MRI scanner chillers
  • Radiotherapy chillers
  • Laboratory chillers
  • Testing equipment cooling
  • Hire chillers
  • University Data centre cooling

Our ability to manufacture to order and understand your students need for specialist chilling equipment is second to none. If you have an existing facility and are looking for cost savings why not allow Aqua Cooling to analyse your facility, with the latest technology we can provide a complete analysis of your chillers and cooling equipment and help you start saving money and energy right away.

Aqua Cooling have worked with Universities across the UK to provide specific cooling solutions, from building cooling, to data centres and University equipment.

University of Bath

Testimonial from Graham McNally – Data Centre and Operations Manager at the University of Bath

“When we built a second data centre, we looked at all the technologies to cool the data centre and we were looking at the closer we could get the water to the IT load the better. But we were very concerned about having water and the IT in the same space. We found Aqua Cooling and their Leak Prevention System. It was very interesting and we looked at it and it ticked all the right boxes for our university cooling requirements."

"One of the other reasons we looked at water cooling was the data centre was being built within an existing building and it was a very tight space and the plant space was within a compound. The easiest way to get the pipework there was using the water cooling system rather than an air cooling system."

"We had one leak in the past, it was on the valve that was actually sucking air into the system as it was designed to do, so we had no water leaks, we had the air leak into the system and we had no down time on that at all – not even on the door. We just opened the door, changed the valve, the other doors took up the cooling load and that was done very, very easily."

"The green status is very important to us within computing services, and the University as a whole, because we want to be seen as green IT and we have been striving to get the most efficient data centres possible. Our existing data centre is on a 1.2 PUE or less, compared to our old data centre on a range of about 2."

"We've worked with Aqua Cooling for the least 6 years in our existing data centre and been very happy with the efficiency gains that we've had there. When we tendered for the new data centre we were very confident in their solution, that it would work and fit exactly what we wanted in the new data centre. It’s working with a slightly different Leak Prevention System, it’s updated and we are looking to push that PUE of 1.2 in our existing data centre down and closer to 1.1 if possible.”

University of Swansea

Read our News article about our work with the University of Swansea installing a state-of-the-art hybrid data centre university cooling system as an integral part of its £450 million new Bay Campus development.

Combined with server room rear doors, Aqua's hybrid adiabatic coolers were used in combination with the company’s Queen’s Award-winning Leak Prevention System (LPS) which allows the effective and safe use of a refrigerant-free water cooling system within an IT sensitive data centre cooling environment...

swansea uni

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