Vapour Degreasing

What Is The Process?

  1. A cleaning solvent is heated to its boiling point and the vapour produced to clean the work piece is prevented from being lost out of the tank by a series of finned coils situated on the inner wall of the tank
  2. These coils are supplied with cooling water as the vapour rises it passes over the coils where it is cooled and condenses back to its liquid state. This limits the vapour level between the liquid and the coils to form the working area
  3. The work to be degreased is then lowered into the vapour. The work piece being at ambient temperature cause the solvent vapour to condense and any grease on the work is dissolved by the solvent and runs back to the tank
  4. There are three types of heating used, electric, gas and steam

vapour degreasing

Why Is Cooling Required?

The coils need cooling water to condense the de greasing vapour back to liquid.

What Must The Cooling System Include?

Manual By-Pass on chiller circuit; it is likely the water flow could change during operation so it if important the chiller always has its require minimum flow.

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