CO2 Chillers

A range of process chillers operating on CO2 refrigerant, ideal for low temperature applications.

About CO2 Chillers

For low temperature, process applications, you need look no further than our range of CO2 chillers. Operating on R744, refrigerant grade CO2, they offer an incredibly sustainable option for businesses working towards Net Zero.

Our units work with fluid leaving temperatures as low as -45°C and cooling capacities over MW+, making them ideally suited for low temperature – and ultra-low temperature – applications. In addition, they offer heat recovery, reducing costs and carbon footprint even further.

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Aqua co2 chiller system

Why Choose A C02 Chiller?

As a refrigerant, CO2 has excellent physical properties and a low critical temperature point which allows the units to operate efficiently at low temperatures, especially when requiring sub-zero temperatures.

In addition, R744 refrigerant has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of < 1 and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero. It’s also non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive.

However, the benefits of R744 don’t stop there, as it’s also a very cost-effective choice. The phase down of greenhouse gases has seen the price of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) rise considerably. Currently R744 is up to 80% less expensive to purchase than previously popular HFCs such as R410A.

As a natural refrigerant, there’s no risk of glide affecting your operating parameters. You’ll future proof your process too, because of its environmental benefits you won’t need to worry about any phase down affecting supply, or the longevity of your chiller.

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CO2 Chiller Proves The Golden Ticket For Chocolate Giant

Aqua have supplied temperature control solutions to a number of chocolate & confectionary customers over the years.  For one particular client, we were asked to undertake a review of their current set up.  With future growth planned, they wanted to invest in an updated system that would safeguard their production against downtime as well as future proofing their manufacturing facility for years to come.

Heat Recovery & C02 Chillers

Aqua’s CO2 units are well suited to working with extreme temperatures. Whilst they can operate as low as -45°C, they will also generate hot water by an internal heat recovery process. The chiller moves the heat from the cooling load from the evaporator to the condenser, which generates water at 85°C.

Capturing and repurposing waste heat helps businesses further reduce costs & minimise environmental impact. The resulting hot water can be used within the process, as a pre boiler feed, or perhaps eliminating the need for a boiler entirely.

Our Heat Pump range can also supply water as high as 85°C. In addition, when it comes to sustainable refrigerants, we have a range of Propane chillers and even our standard process chiller & free cooling chiller ranges operate on low GWP refrigerants. The team will be happy to help you establish the best solution for your particular process & circumstances.

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Why Aqua?

With Sales, Service & Hire teams, Aqua can support with all aspects of your temperature control.
We have Engineers based across the UK, so one is never far away, and we offer 24/7 support. As well as being process cooling experts and F-Gas accredited, they undergo specialist training in CO2 & Propane refrigerant handling.

Our teams work seamlessly together, ensuring you, the customer, receive the absolute best solution for your specific temperature control needs. We have in-house design & installation capability, so can offer full project management, including civil works, pipework, mains power and cabling, with full CDM compliance.