Free Coolers

A comprehensive range of free coolers for all types of application and requirements.

About Free Coolers

Whether you are looking for standalone free coolers or highly efficient chillers with integrated free cooling, we can help ensure that you get the most efficient and practical solution for your site and application.

If you’re using refrigeration chillers to cool fluid to 8˚C or above, free cooling technology provides incredible energy savings, which our trained engineers will be able to demonstrate with a complimentary energy analysis. They’ll compare the energy consumption of your existing system to a new system with either integrated or bolt-on free cooling, so you can make an informed choice.

Alternatively, our free cooling calculator below, will give you an indication of the savings you could make retro fitting free cooling to your existing system.

How Does Free Cooling Work?

The benefits of Free Cooling are significant. By utilising natural air instead of energy-intensive traditional cooling methods, your business can achieve substantial energy savings.

To learn more about Free Cooling and explore how Aqua Cooling can help optimise your cooling infrastructure, see the full video or contact our expert team today.

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How do Free Coolers work?

Free coolers work by the unit sensing both the return fluid temperature and ambient air temperature.

When the ambient temperature drops below the fluid return temperature, a three-way valve diverts the fluid through a finned coil heat-exchanger that transfers the heat in the fluid to the ambient air, by just the mechanical effect required to drive the fans to pull the air through the coil. This reduces the running time on the refrigeration circuit and thereby, reduces electrical consumption.

Partial free cooling occurs at just 1°C below the process return temperature, helping to reduce the load on the chiller. When the ambient temperature is 3°C below the process supply temperature, 100% free cooling can be achieved – completely reducing the load on the chiller while extending its lifecycle.

Standalone Free Cooler or Free Cooling Chiller?

A standalone free cooling system involves an independent free cooling unit working alongside a chiller. The alternative would be to choose a chiller with an integrated free cooling coil – for more information on our free cooling chiller range click here.

Either option provides benefits – the standalone free cooler and chiller have a greater footprint, but the larger surface area of the free cooler makes cooling more efficient. The standalone configuration can also provide 100% free cooling at a higher ambient air temperature.

Free Cooler System Design,
Specification, Installation & Commissioning

No matter how complicated or simple your requirement is, our in-house team can advise you, design and specify the exact system you need.

Our free coolers are quick and easy to install; however, we can take care of your project from start to finish, from system design to delivery to your site, installation, and commissioning.

Units come with inverter driven or EC fans for optimum efficiency and are available in flatbed style, V block style or vertical, which is ideal if space is limited.  All our free cooler units can be customised to your specific application, site, and process.

Our highly qualified engineers are always on hand to provide any advice or support you with our preventative maintenance plans and emergency breakdown service.

Design & Installation

A Complete 360 Service including:

Design Consultancy

Free design consultancy including AutoCAD drawings, 3D modelling and energy calculations.

Project Management

Encompassing civil works, offloading & positioning, pipework installation, mains power & cabling, commissioning and CDM compliance. All our Engineers are F-Gas accredited specialists and manage work according to agreed RAMS and site-specific H&S conditions.

Aftersales Support

Including preventative maintenance service plans to maximise efficiency and extend product lifespan. We can also help with spare parts, glycol, and water treatment.