Food & Beverage
Manufacturing Temperature
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Food & Beverage Manufacturing Temperature Control Solutions

Relying on your process temperature control equipment to meet the right temperatures at the right times is crucial to maintaining the quality of your products.

With our consultative approach, process temperature expertise and reliable solutions, we can support you to meet your goals. Whether that’s to increase line output, test new products, reduce wastage and downtime, continuously improve your processes or all the above.

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Applications we can help you with

We’ve provided temperature control solutions for a wide range of food and beverage manufacturing applications, including:

  • Scrape surface heat exchanger cooling
  • Vessel cooling and temperature control
  • Pasteuriser cooling for milk, ice cream and juice
  • Vegetable and salad washing and cooling systems
  • Bakery and potable water chiller cooling systems
  • Brewing vessel cooling
  • Distillery and cold filtering
  • Biscuit and confectionery manufacture
  • Wine cooling
  • Cook chill systems
  • Cold stores and chilled storage
  • Packaging and wrapping

To discuss your food or beverage temperature control project, please call us on 0330 404 3231 or click here.

Food and beverage process experts

Having supplied solutions to most market leaders in the food and beverage sector for a wide range of processes and with our knowledge of food processing systems, you can trust us to understand your projects quickly and deliver an accurate and reliable solution. 

All our sales engineers are trained specifically to ensure that the best possible solution is presented to you from both performance and an efficiency perspective.

We can take care of your project from consultation all the way through to installation, commissioning, and maintenance. We even take care of pipework and auxiliaries, so you won’t need to juggle multiple suppliers or second-rate solutions.

Reliable equipment

Our range of industrial cooling systems have cooling capacities ranging from 1kW to 4.2MW, all with energy efficiency at their core. 

Along with our wide range of chillersadiabatic coolersfree coolerscooling towers, and temperature control units, we can design a complete system to meet your project objectives.

Tailored to your needs

Whether you are looking for a permanent solution or to carry out a trial, we can provide equipment on a capital or hire basis.

As well as ensuring that your equipment is functioning correctly from the off set, we can provide planned maintenance services and 24/7 support for complete peace of mind.