Servicing & Chiller Maintenance

Our expert Engineers can support you with all aspects of chiller servicing & maintenance, ensuring your equipment is the best it can be.

About Chiller Maintenance

At Aqua, our Service Engineers are able to support with all main brands of chiller and process cooling equipment.  Whether you are looking for a one-off service or a Planned Preventative Maintenance plan, we can help.

All our Engineers are F-Gas accredited and highly trained in what they do.  Our aim is to protect your chillers & cooling equipment, keeping your business operational and minimising any risk of downtime.


Maintained By The Best

Aqua service all types of chillers, including air and water-cooled systems at both high and low temperatures. 

Our Service Engineers are fully conversant with all types of refrigerant compressors; reciprocating, scroll, screw and Turbocor. They’re familiar with an array of pumps, control valves, heat exchangers, inverter types and other component parts so that they can offer you the most effective and efficient solution as quickly as possible.

Our bespoke, ongoing, training program ensures our Service Engineers maintain the highest level of technical expertise. 

Planned Preventative Chiller Maintenance Plans

We offer three types of Preventative Maintenance Plan (PPM), Standard, Premium and Premium Plus.  We can help you decide which plan is most suitable, depending on required response time and the needs of your business.  Or, we can tailor a PPM plan specifically to your specific requirements.

PPM is all about taking a proactive approach to your chiller maintenance and it will help reduce costs overall.   You’ll protect the lifespan of your chiller and ensure your system is working to optimum efficiency levels at all times.

We also offer Remote Monitoring, which takes the proactive approach even further – ask the Team for details!



What can you expect with an Aqua chiller service plan?

With an Aqua chiller service plan, you will be assigned a dedicated Service Engineer, local to your site, who will get to know your operation and objectives – providing consistency over time.

After each visit, your Service Engineer will provide a comprehensive written report of the equipment’s current condition. This will include detailed parameter values, not just tick boxes, for clarity and accountability. 

We will always suggest any recommended action that our Service Engineer advises to avoid potential problems in the future. By protecting your equipment against costly chiller repairs and unnecessary downtime, you’ll significantly cut operating costs over the longer term.

Tailor your chiller service plan

The following services can be added to your chiller service plan or arranged as a one-off:

Vibration Analysis is used to detect the early warning signs of mechanical fatigue, which if left unaddressed, could cause a potentially expensive machine or component failure, and even lead to other equipment being affected, resulting in costly and lengthy downtime.

All rotating equipment vibrates to some degree, but the older the components get, the greater the increase in vibration and the greater risk of an unforeseen machine or component failure.

Thermal imaging surveys are a highly effective, non-contact diagnostic technique for checking the condition of machinery and components without the need to shut down operations.

Thermal imaging “sees” infra-red wavelengths emitted from objects and then converts the temperature information into an image. Hot spots, shown as red, indicate temperature rises which highlight problems or potential future failure points.

In rotating machinery, misaligned shafts are widely recognised as one of the key contributors to plant breakdowns.

Poor shaft alignment can lead to increased vibration and stress, excessive friction and wear, higher energy consumption, damage to the shaft seal and ultimately, drive motor and compressor bearing failure.

Laser shaft alignment is fast, accurate and efficient and will help get your rotating machinery running at peak efficiency, extending the mean time between failures through increased reliability.

Air, gas, and refrigeration compressors are critical components within many manufacturing operations.

One of the primary causes of compressor failures is contamination of the oil itself. Lubricants serve several purposes in compressors from maintaining temperatures and lubricating moving parts to creating seals. Without regular sampling and analysis of compressor oil, there is an increased risk of system degradation and costly component failure.

Cooling systems, whether open-recirculating cooling towers or closed-loops systems are an essential component in many commercial, industrial and process environments where their primary purpose is to remove heat via a heat exchanger to water in a cooling system.

If a cooling system, or the water used within it, is poorly maintained, or left untreated it can lead to several common problems that will affect cost, performance, reliability, and safety.

Regular sampling of the system water can help to avoid any issues occurring and a water treatment plan can be put in place, should they occur.

Using ClimaCheck technology, an Engineer can give you a full analysis of your cooling system’s performance in as little as 30 minutes. A series of sensors collate live operating data, which is analysed to suggest adjustments to improve energy efficiency. Patented in 1986, the system is independent and totally unbiased, but can increase efficiency by up to 30%. By running equipment at optimal efficiency, you not only save energy but minimise running costs and extend system longevity.


A noise impact assessment is necessary if you are planning to install, or already have installed, any noise generating equipment such as air conditioning units, process chillers or extraction systems.

This will ensure you are not adversely impacting the surrounding environment such as nearby residents and other businesses.

At Aqua, we carry out noise and impact assessments in accordance with the approved methods outlined under the national standard BS 4142:2014+a1:2019.

If the results of the assessment show that equipment is too loud for the area, we will work with you to create a solution to ensure it meets the requirements.

Health and Safety

Our engineers are fully conversant with the very latest in health & safety requirements. As a company, Aqua Group are accredited to the Safe Contractor Scheme and all our engineers are FGAS qualified.

To arrange a service visit or to find out more about our chiller maintenance programs, please call us on 0333 004 4433


Aftersales Support

A Complete 360 offering:

24 Hour Support

All our service plan customers benefit from 24/7 helpline coverage and breakdown service, 365 days of the year.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans can be fully tailored to your specific site requirements. Regular, proactive service visits will minimise the risk of downtime and ensure your equipment runs efficiency and cost-effectively.

Spare Parts Service

We hold stock of a wide range of spares for most cooling system brands and provide a full fitting service as required.

Specialist Engineers

All our Service Engineers are refrigeration specialists, F-Gas accredited and highly skilled in their field.