Process Chillers

A comprehensive range of process chillers for all types of application and requirements.

Process Chillers – The Aqua Pro Range

Our Aqua Pro range of process chillers is designed specifically for industrial cooling applications and operate on low GWP refrigerant. The units combine an innovative, unique evaporator design, with the latest energy saving technology, resulting in a highly efficient, dependable, completely packaged, process chiller unit – and all at a competitive price point. The range covers cooling capacities from 1kW to 1MW+, working with process fluid temperatures from -25°C to +30°C.

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Why Choose An Aqua Pro Chiller?

Aqua Pro chillers operate on either R513A refrigerant (up to 16kW) or R454B refrigerant (16kW upwards). Both are sustainable refrigerants, with Global Warming Potential (GWP) ratings of just 573 and 466, respectively. Both are significantly lower than R410A by 70%+.

As well as the obvious environmental benefits that low GWP refrigerants offer, their improved energy efficiency can also keep energy costs down. So, you’re saving money whilst also improving your businesses’ green credentials.

But the benefits don’t stop there. As the illustration below shows, the range offers a whole host of other benefits which really set it up as a market leader.  The difference with the Aqua Pro is it’s been designed for process environments. The evaporator has large water ways and a unique cleanable design (16kW+). Fully integrated, optimised free cooling is also an option. 

Benefits include:

  • Unique, cleanable, process evaporator, with large water ways (units over 16kW). This eliminates risk of blockage and subsequent costly evaporator damage, a key factor to consider in process environments where water contamination levels can be higher than normal.
  • Low GWP R513A refrigerant (up to 16kW) or R454B refrigerant operation (over 16kW). Both are low GWP refrigerants with ratings of 573 and 466 respectively and 70%+ less than R410A.
  • Integrated free cooling option, from 16kW to MW+ (our Aqua EcoPro range) – with free cooling achievable at higher ambient temperatures than with any other chiller brand on the market. You can find more on how free cooling can dramatically cut your energy costs and carbon footprint here
  • Robust construction, power coated, galvanised steel frame, with a 3mm base thickness.

It is also possible to retro fit free cooling to an existing chiller system. However, the benefits of an integrated free cooling chiller over a retrofit system are that everything is packaged into a single unit, with a smaller footprint.

Process Chiller Applications

Aqua engineers can help you find the right solution by offering a first-hand approach.

 At Aqua, we understand that the demands of process application are extremely diverse. We ensure that our process chillers are highly configurable and can be can be designed with a high degree of flexibility to allow for the intricacies of your specific process. Our wide range of solutions include: Not sure what you need? Don’t worry we’re heating and cooling experts. Get in touch with our team now and we’ll start to work on your process chiller solution today.

Extended Warranty

Every Aqua Pro chiller, supplied with a Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement, comes with a 3 year warranty as standard.  Cover extends to parts and labour, and the addition of a maintenance agreement ensures the validity of your warranty is protected. As well as fixed maintenance costs, you safeguard the life span of your process chiller and get real peace of mind.

Flexible Chiller Design

An Aqua Pro chiller is highly configurable, depending on the intricacies of your specific process requirements. If your site is based near the sea, we can select a corrosion-resistant finish to the chiller’s condenser coil and exterior panelling. For clients working in noise-sensitive environments, due for example to local planning restrictions, we can select low noise fans and soundproofing options. With our larger Aqua Pro+ and Aqua EcoPro+ chiller units, internal tanks, pumps, and control valves can be included. This gives them flexibility to be used as standalone units, or as part of a system. Our Aqua Pro+ units have a shell & tube evaporator, 0.4mm thick copper construction and large water pathways.

Process Chillers From Stock

Our Aqua Pro chillers are available from stock, held in our Hampshire warehouse facility, meaning we can offer next day, UK wide delivery. We also have process chillers available within our rental fleet, so if the exact model you require isn’t available for some reason, we can still get your process up and running whilst you await delivery of your permanent unit.

Widely Available Process Chiller Parts

All the electrical and mechanical parts that make up one of our Aqua Pro chiller units, are available through either ourselves, or UK wide stockists. We deliberately do not use manufacturer specific parts in our units, giving you, the customer, flexibility of supplier and ensuring that parts are easy to source if they are ever needed.

asked questions

Process, or industrial, chillers are designed to cool manufacturing processes, whereas HVAC chillers regulate temperature within an environmental space. A process chiller uses liquid refrigerant to cool, whereas a HVAC chiller expels air into a space. HVAC chillers are often referred to as air conditioning chillers and only operate in summer and tend to be less robust in their overall design.

The two basic types of industrial chiller are a water-cooled chiller and an air-cooled chiller. Both types cool process fluids but they differ in how they reject the excess heat. The key difference is in how the condenser cools the refrigerant. With an air-cooled chiller, ambient air is used to cool the system, whereas water cooled chillers use water as the cooling medium to remove the heat from the refrigeration system.

Chillers are used to remove heat from a process or to maintain a temperature of a process.

An industrial chiller removes excess heat from an industrial process or a commercial building. The chiller uses an in-built refrigeration system to cool either a fluid or to cool the air. Process chillers are designed differently to air conditioning chillers. They are robustly built with the expectation that they will be required to operate 24/7/365. Air conditioning chillers tend to only operate in the summer.

Industrial chillers work using a refrigeration cycle. Firstly, the water transfers the heat to reduce the temperature in the process. The heat is then removed by evaporating refrigerant and changing it into a vapour. The vapor is then transferred by using a compressor to pump the refrigerant around the system. This increases its temperature and pressure, before passing to the condenser. The condenser will lower the temperature again, turning the vapor back to liquid. This cycle is then repeated.

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Design & Installation

A Complete 360 Service including:

Design Consultancy

Free design consultancy including AutoCAD drawings, 3D modelling and energy calculations.

Project Management

Encompassing civil works, offloading & positioning, pipework installation, mains power & cabling, commissioning and CDM compliance. All our Engineers are F-Gas accredited specialists and manage work according to agreed RAMS and site-specific H&S conditions.

Aftersales Support

Including preventative maintenance service plans to maximise efficiency and extend product lifespan. We can also help with spare parts, glycol, and water treatment.