Temperature Control Units

Aqua are the sole UK agent for the German manufactured Single range, synonymous within the industry for quality, reliability, and energy efficiency.

About Temperature Control Units

Temperature control units – or TCUs – are used when a manufacturing or testing process involves heating or heating/cooling at elevated temperatures.  Aqua are the sole UK agent for the German manufactured Single range, synonymous within the industry for quality, reliability, and energy efficiency.


TCUs give precise temperature control to a process.  Common applications include injection moulding, plastic extrusion, vessel heating within the food & pharmaceutical sector, automotive manufacture, and use within laboratory/testing environments.  For help with product selection for your particular application call the team on 0333 004 4433 and one of our specialists Engineers will be happy to assist.


The Single range includes the following models

  • Water operated – for temperatures up to 225˚C.
  • Oil operated – for temperatures up 350˚C. Ideal for when water models are ruled out due to high temperature requirements.
  • Variotherm models – for temperatures up to 200˚C and designed specifically for instances where different temperatures are required in quick succession, for example in lamination and composite manufacture.

Temperature Control Units Available from Stock

A range of Single temperature control units are available in stock from our warehouse in Hampshire and can be despatched same day.  To check product availability, call the Sales team on 0333 004 4433.

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A temperature control unit – or TCU – gives precise temperature control to a process. The device can heat – or heat & cool – at very high temperatures and handle rapid changes in temperature. TCUs incorporate a pump, heater, a cooling method, and a controller. The required temperature set point is input into the controller. The pump circulates fluid to the process and back to the unit. This fluid is normally water but can be oil, depending on temperatures involved. Whilst the fluid is circulated, the controller constantly monitors return temperature. If this temperature drops, the unit’s heater will activate. If the return temperature increases, the unit will swap to cooling mode.

Single TCUs are designed with energy efficiency at the fore. Intelligent pump control enables pump speed to match demand. Combined with highly efficient centrifugal pumps and IE 3 class electric motors, savings of up to 7% of process energy can be achieved subject to your application. The units also include intelligent valve technology which controls the flow of the cooling medium, reducing cooling phase and cycle time by an average of 15%. The Variotherm TCUs include Single’s Alternating Temperature Technology (ATT). This involves having two separate water circuits for heating and cooling, which are intelligently controlled to enable rapid temperature changes. Remote monitoring is also available with the Single range of temperature control units. An intelligent controller enables you to control all your units centrally. Sensors collect critical data which is analysed and highlights any potential issue. This reduces downtime, improves product quality, and minimises costs overall.

Temperature control units can be used in conjunction with process chillers, dry air coolers, adiabatic units, or cooling towers when your application requires cooling.

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