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Temperature Control Solutions

Metal Finishing & Tooling Temperature Control Solutions

Whether you need to keep machine tools cool or require specific temperatures to be met for metal finishing processes, having reliable temperature control equipment and technical support in place is essential.

With our technical expertise, reliable equipment and range of services, including systems on a capital or hire basis, planned maintenance and emergency breakdown support, we can support you with any temperature control requirement.

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Applications we can help you with

We’ve helped many machine tooling and metal finishers with a wide range of applications including:

  • Spot welding
  • Laser cutting/laser cooling
  • Punch pressing
  • Anodising
  • Powder coating and painting systems
  • Grinding
  • Machine tool cooling
  • Quench cooing and annealing systems
  • Furnace cooling systems
  • Induction furnace cooling
  • Induction welding
  • Spark eroding

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Complete end-to-end solutions

From ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions to bespoke systems, we can deliver an energy-efficient temperature control solution to meet your process requirements.

We carry out an initial on-site consultation, design a system or select the right equipment for your requirement depending on how complex your need is. 

We can then take care of equipment delivery, installation, commissioning and even offer planned preventative maintenance to protect your equipment and operation from downtime.

Cooling Systems Design & Installation Services

Efficient equipment for precise cooling

Our range of industrial water-cooled chillerscooling towers and air blast and adiabatic coolers provide energy efficient and precise temperature control cooling for multiple processes.

Our comprehensive product range enables our engineers to propose the correct products for your application, whether you need ultra-pure cooling systems, non-ferrous systems or plain water chillers for use on heat exchangers.

We also have the facility to provide bespoke systems and chillers for OEM applications for use on all the above applications for situations with very specific and exact requirements.

Protecting your temperature control equipment

Our planned preventative maintenance programmes will protect your temperature control equipment and operation from downtime. We can tailor a plan and service levels to suit your budget and ensure you meet your legislative obligations. 

Our service engineers are highly trained, F-Gas certified and based across the UK, ensuring you’re never far from a technical expert, should the need arise.

Hire and emergency support

If you’re looking for a short-term solution, would prefer to spread your investment over a longer-period or require equipment in an emergency, our hire division can help.

Our wide range of hire equipment and technical expertise ensures our customers receive high quality solutions, no matter how long their hire period. We can provide everything from large chillers to auxiliaries, so you won’t need to rely on other suppliers.

With a contingency plan in place, we can ensure you have back-up equipment ready to go if an emergency arises.

Emergency Chiller Hire Solutions