Long Term Hire Provides Worry Free Solution

The Client –

Spot Welding Factory Based In Kent

The Challenge –

Legacy Equipment Struggling With Demand

The Solution –

Long-Term Chiller Hire

For a service and maintenance customer, long term Hire proved to be the perfect solution as their legacy equipment began to struggle keeping up with production demand.

The client, based in Kent had two, non-Aqua supplied chiller units, which were integral to cooling their spot welding process. Aqua had been previously appointed as their designated service and maintenance supplier. When the compressor on one unit failed, our client was faced with a costly repair, disruption to their process and the reality of knowing their second unit could also fail at any time.

As an interim measure, the engineer arranged for the Aqua hire team to supply a replacement 50kW chiller to get production back underway and to give the client time to consider their longer-term options.

Impressed with the unit supplied, the client took the decision to replace both their legacy units with Chiller Hire units on an annual contract basis. This saved on the cost of repair as well as giving a host of other benefits, including:

  • Minimal capital expenditure – hire gives you all the advantages and efficiencies of up to date technology but with no real investment. Hire costs are treated as operational spend, rather than capital expenditure, keeping the kit off the balance sheet and improving tax efficiency
  • Fixed, regular operating costs – so budgeting is easy each month and there’s no surprises. Costs are inclusive of service and support which negates the need for a separate contingency for repairs and maintenance
  • Flexibility – if production requirements change or your business plan changes, equipment can be easily upscaled. Equally, in the unlikely case that something goes wrong with the hire unit it’s quickly and simply swapped with another from our fleet

So, as well as their production being back on course, the client now operates with total peace of mind that they’re now protected from that type of scenario reoccurring.

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